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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Although it is a long-standing joke that men tend to forget their wedding anniversaries, the truth is that remembering and celebrating anniversaries has been a tradition since the Middle Ages.  According to Hallmark (yes, that Hallmark) special anniversaries were marked with special tokens. According to their research, Middle Europeans were the first to establish the tradition of silver to ...

Unique Engagement Rings

Of course, an engagement ring is an expression of your love. It represents your desire to be with your fiancé for a lifetime, and symbolizes your commitment to be married and together forever. While there are plenty of classic diamond ring options available (such as a beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring) there are also many unique styles that show your loved one just how special and one-...

Choosing an Engagement Ring

When you are ready to propose marriage, finding the perfect engagement ring is often a major concern.  Concerns about costs, ring design, and “will she like it?” often swirl in a future groom-to-be’s mind. In this article, IMG Jewelers will present you with the 4 steps you need to overcome these concerns and find the perfect ring to fit your budget AND your loved one’s personality and...

When is it Time to Propose Marriage?

Like many, you might be wondering when the best time to propose marriage to your loved one might be.  The truth is, there is no magic time for everyone. Every proposal is special, and the right time to deliver the question and the ring to your bride-to-be is a matter of when it “feels right” to do so!  A proposal  is the start of “your” story as a married couple. However you...

Best Proposal Ideas in Cleveland, Ohio

Are you planning an engagement in Cleveland, Ohio, or in any one of Northeast Ohio’s fine neighborhoods? Would you like to make an outstanding impression on your bride-to-be, or make your proposal truly memorable or unique? IMG Jewelers has a few ideas for your impending engagement that are worth considering! Whether you prefer to propose in public, or in private, with family and friends, or in ...

Get Educated About Diamonds

All diamonds are gorgeous. They are all  sparkly, and shiny, and beautiful in their own way.  Because of this, customers may not believe they need to know much about the precious gem before buying them. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the more you know about diamonds, we believe that the better your diamond-buying experience will be!  At IMG, our philosophy is to ...


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