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Diamonds Northeast Ohio


Known in Cleveland; Recognized Around the World

Although you may not realize it, you've likely encountered an IMG diamond. In fact, IMG is the largest importer of loose diamonds in Northeast Ohio and is known around the world for the quality of its designs.

One of the many awards bestowed on IMG was the 1973 American Design Award from DeBeers Diamonds. Today, this award from DeBeers is arguably the most prestigious jewelry award in the world.

In a day of mass-market production, IMG presents a window to the past with its tradition of honoring the desires of all who come through the front door. Just one step away from our showroom, the diamond setters and jewelry artists are busy at work. All of IMG's original designs are created on-site, in the fine jewelry industry's preferred method; first beginning with a wax carving before proceeding on to the precious metal that will become the final product.

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