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At IMG Jewelers, Fine jewelry is Not Just a Business...
It is a Family Legacy.

Our family's tradition of excellence in the art of fine jewelry began in the court of Czar Nicholas before the turn of the 20th century, when Abraham Sheremet humbly created masterpieces for the Romanovs.

This craftsman who created fine pieces for the Russian imperial dynasty likely never imagined the impact he would have on future generations, and that his true gift would be the legacy he passed on. A hundred years later, his great grandson, Steve Greenberg, continues his tradition with IMG Jewelers.

IMG Jewelers is a fourth-generation business that has been a trusted member of the Cleveland-area community since 1949. "IMG" represents the initials of Steve's father, Isadore Moses Greenberg, who brought the skills he learned from his grandfather to America. Isadore's mother (Who was Abraham Sheremet's daughter) was a skilled watchmaker and served as a living example for her son to provide people with only the best they could offer. The knowledge passed forth by Isadore's family along with the diamond setting skills he honed, eventually led him from Pittsburg where he grew up to Cleveland just a few years after World War II.

Isadore and his family, who had already prevailed through a revolution and a world war, emerged with some of the finest work in the area by mid-century... and have been trusted jewelers in Cleveland ever since.

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