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Birthstone jewelry Cleveland

Birthstone Guide

Birthstone Jewelry Makes a Classic, All-occasion Gift

While you might think of birthstones for birthdays, they are actually a perfect way to show someone you care any time of year They offer a classic stones that are respected world-wide for their color, radiance and value.

January - Garnets
The garnet has a deep burgundy color and has been a favorite jewel color for many years.

February - Amethysts
These bright purple gemstones have long been associated with royalty and the crown jewels.

March - Aquamarines
Aquamarines are light blue gemstones and are associated with the color of water.

April - Diamonds
Diamonds are classic gemstones that are valued world-wide. Usually thought of as white or clear, they area also available in other hues.

May - Emeralds
Emeralds have been respected for their brilliant green color for decades and many of them are very rare.

June - Pearls
Pearls are a classic and timeless "organic" stone, produced by mollusks. Although lab-created pearls are available, nothing compares in luster to real pearls.

July - Rubies
The ruby is a stone with a rich-red color, and a rich history to match.

August - Peridots
A peridot is a beautiful and uniquely colored stone that borders on yellow and spring green. It pairs well with gold and silver metals.

September - Sapphires
Blue sapphire is by far the most popular sapphire because of its deep blue hue. It pairs well with both gold and silver.

October - Opals
Opals have a pearlescent quality, and appear to have different shades of color depending on the lighting.

November - Citrines
The citrus-colored stone actually gets its name from the French word for "lemon." It ranges from orange to yellow-colored.

December - Blue Topaz
The blue topaz is a sky-blue colored stone that offers dramatic sparkle. It is often thought of as being "baby blue" in color.

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