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4 Great Metal Choices for Jewelry

Great Metal Choices for Jewelry

Much of the popular jewelry today function to display gleaming gems and stones in interesting ways, but part of what makes these displays interesting is the metal carrying those stones. Metal is the base for most of the jewelry we wear, and there is much uniqueness and variety to be found just in that component! Your friends here at IMG Jewelers thought it would be interesting to highlight some interesting traits of this sometimes overlooked part of our great jewelry!



It probably goes without saying that the most popular metal to work into jewelry is gold. In jewelry making, gold is actually usually in the form of an alloy, or combination of metals. It can be combined with silver, nickel, zinc, or copper, depending on desired properties, and features a variety of hues, like rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and even green gold.



Like a sibling to gold in terms of jewelry making popularity, silver is a popular choice not only for its shine, but also its durability and long life-span. It does require somewhat more care, though, as it is vulnerable to tarnishing.



What makes platinum so prized is its rarity; it’s easily the rarest and most expensive metal available, but it also enjoys the benefits of being tough, and like gold, immune to tarnish. It can also be alloyed with other metals to enhance its properties.



Titanium’s reputation in jewelry making is based on how strong it is; that is, it’s the strongest metal we know of. This has made it a popular choice in jewelry for people who lead highly active lives, as titanium jewelry can really take the punishment!



Naturally, there are many other metals jewelry can be fashioned from, many of which are at our disposal at IMG Jewelers. Hopefully, this guide will be of some help in choosing your next piece of jewelry. To learn more to start creating a custom design, view our collections, or contact us for more information. 



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