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4 Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holidays

A lovely piece of jewelry is a wonderful way of showing the special woman in your life how much she means to you, and with the fast approaching festive holidays, there’s no better time to give her one! Your friends at IMG Jewelers are here with some of the best gift ideas for your holidays.

Rose Gold

Few styles are as timeless as rose gold jewelry, and it’s the perfect color for the season, with its festive hue. It looks wonderful in rings, necklaces, earrings and charms, and perfectly complements just about an skin tone.


With a resurgence of ‘90s fashion trends in modern popularity, collars, chokers and bib necklaces are sensational again. Between the infinite variety of gorgeous designs, and the wide selection of possible materials, there’s guaranteed to be something perfect for the one you love.

Ear Cuffs

Where once they had only a niche appeal, ear cuffs have become a great way of making a stylish statement. Better still, they give the impression of cartilage piercings without the commitment. They can be anything from subtle accents, to bold looks, and work with any outfit.

Stackable Rings

Combining the classic beauty of rings, with modern values of customization and variety, stackable rings make a great part of any jewelry collection, and are very collectible themselves. They may come in interchangeable sets, or you may want to try combining rings from different sets.


Your team of jewelers at IMG jewelry is excited to help you celebrate your love this holiday in style. Browse our collections for more ideas, or contact us to find out about having your own custom designs brought to life.



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