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4 Jewelry Myths and the Truth Behind Them


Jewelry has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, and has developed all the stories to match. Some of those myths are more contemporary than others, and even have an influence on the jewelry industry. We here at IMG Jewelers have heard many of these stories, and want to shed some light on both the truth and the myth.


If It’s Bigger, It’s Better

This one seems to be somewhat built in to our mindset. The bigger something is, the more impressive it must be. There are obvious exceptions, and there are surprising ones. Jewelry falls into the latter. While it’s not unusual for a larger, heavier stone to be more expensive, because of way gems are rated, it’s quite possible to have a large gemstone that’s cheaper than a significantly smaller one. The quality makes all the difference.


Nothing Beats A Diamond

Diamonds are commonly considered the pinnacle of gemstones and, in turn, make the pinnacle of jewelry. And it’s no question that they are extremely precious stones, but the reality is that many other stones can be just as valuable.


You Can Spot Pure Gold By Biting It

Popularized by old movies, many people have comes to believe that to spot real gold, you just have to bite it. This is rooted in the truth that gold is an extremely malleable metal, and the softer it is the purer the gold. There are two reasons not to indulge this myth when it comes to jewelry. First, because of how soft gold is, biting your jewelry can leave marks that won’t come out. Second, some people try to pass off fake gold by covering it with lead, something you do not want to ingest.


Gold Naturally Comes In Shades

This myth developed as variations of gold like white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold became more popular. Some people think that these shades are natural, but the truth is that gold has to be combined with other metals to produce these other shades. It’s good to know about them ahead of time, though, so you know what you’re looking at and what you want when shopping.


No doubt as time goes on, new jewelry myths will emerge, and they can be fun. But it’s good to know what’s true and what’s fiction when you’re trying to find the right piece of jewelry for you or a loved one. Your IMG jeweler team can help! Contact us for more information about our pieces, or to find out about getting one custom made.



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