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4 Popular Jewelry Trends to Try

Gold Necklace and Bracelet

As the seasons change, along with fashion sensibilities, we all win as stunning new jewelry concepts are brought to life to change and revitalize our wardrobes. From your friends here at IMG Jewelers, here are some of the latest trends to consider.



Pendants are rarely anything but stylish, but they’re even more popular now. One of the great looks for pendants is layering a few complementing pieces together for an impactful splash of shine and color added to any outfit.


Hoop Earrings

Another classic look, what’s got gold hoops so in vogue right now is medium to large hoops that make a statement. Don’t hold back when pairing them with your look; let them talk!


Stacking Rings

Rings stacked together can also make for some incredible statements, and unique designs abound for finding your own, personal look. Just be cautious about how many and where you make your statements! You don’t want your rings conflicting with your other jewelry.


Chain Link Bracelets

Another style that works great in combinations, bringing together a variety of chain link bracelets in differing styles and sizes can make for a really stunning accent to most outfits.


Your team of jewelers at IMG jewelry is excited to help you accessorize and discover all new looks for your wardrobe. Browse our collections for more ideas, or contact us to find out about having your own custom designs brought to life.



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