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4 Reasons to Custom Design Your Engagement Ring


Widely recognized as one of the most important pieces of jewelry in anyone’s collection, a great deal of thought and consideration goes into the selection of an engagement ring. Some of them become family heirlooms. One way to make that special ring even more unique is by having it custom designed. One of our favorite tasks here at IMG Jewelers is helping people bring their custom engagement ring ideas to life! Here are a few great reasons to consider a custom design for yours!


It Doesn’t Add Much Work

One thought that causes people to hesitate on a custom ring is that it will mean a lot of extra work and time to produce it, but that’s rarely the case today. Most of the time, the lengthiest part of the process is creating the 3D computer render of the design. Provided you have an idea of what you want, this doesn’t take very long at all!

Satisfaction Assured

Nothing makes a future groom more nervous than the prospect of presenting that ring and popping the question. Will he get that “yes”? Will she like that ring? With a custom design, you can ensure that the ring is perfect for your tastes and know that you won’t be disappointed

A Guaranteed Feel-Good Story

It’s always fun to be able to share the story of how you got your ring, and with a custom designed ring, you’ll have an even more interesting story to share, including how you came to choose the various design elements you use and how you got to be personally involved in the process.

Easily Personalized

Rather than having to modify an existing ring or design, a custom ring can have personal touches factored right into the design. What would have been a simple engraving on another ring can be something more impactful on a custom design.

There are lots of reasons to choose a custom designed engagement ring. Whatever your reason may be, the experienced team at IMG Jewelers are here to help you make your dream come true, and bring your engagement ring to life. Contact us or come in to get inspiration, or to start designing your ring now!



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