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5 Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

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While diamond rings have been a staple of engagement rings for decades, there has been a growing trend to find and design engagement rings that don’t use diamonds, opening up new options to couple making the big decision. IMG Jewelers has followed these trends closely, and we’ve collected a list of a few the most popular break-away ideas for non-diamond engagement rings!


Heirloom rings come in all shapes and sizes; in fact, because of the highly effective “diamonds are forever” ad campaign, many heirloom rings are still diamond rings. They can come from either side of the family and be any number of colors or stone types. What really makes these rings impactful is the sentimental value tied to them.


A beautiful ring design with a history much longer than the diamond engagement ring, the Claddagh ring is an Irish symbol of betrothal featuring two hands that hold a heart topped with a crown. In modern designs, the heart is sometimes replaced with a gemstone, or the heart is itself a gemstone.

Alternative Gem

There is a tremendous variety of beautiful gems in the world, and choosing something other than a diamond is just one more way that your engagement ring can be truly unique. You and you fiancé can make a date out of doing some research into the significance of different stones and colors, and choosing something meaningful to you.


An expressive choice for someone with simple tastes, the knot is another style of ring with a long history. Despite its simplicity it still comes in enough variety that you can easily personalize the design to suit your tastes.

Man-Made Diamonds

If the diamond really suits your style, but not your soon-to-be newly-wed budget, there are man-made alternatives that are much more affordable and look virtually identical to the real deal. If the future groom is choosing the ring, we strongly recommend conferring with your fiancé before going this route.

Your engagement should be a special occasion, and it can be made all the more significant with a ring perfectly tailored to your love. View our engagement and bridal jewelry, create a custom design, or contact us for more information on how we can help that special moment become a memory you’ll cherish forever.


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