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5 Gift Giving Ideas for International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8th – have you gotten any gifts for the women in your life?


International Women’s Day is a holiday that allows you to show just how much you appreciate the women in your life, regardless of whether you yourself are a woman or a man. Women work hard right alongside men to make this country great (don’t worry, men get their holiday in November), so it’s nice to have a day dedicated to them to show appreciation.


While the holiday itself isn’t super widely known – you won’t find it labeled in most calendars – it’s still a great occasion to give a thoughtful gift to a woman you care about.


Today, we have a list of five gifts perfect for a variety of different women, and will work well within your budget.


Here they are:


1.     1. Flowers


Flowers are a great gift for nature lovers or those who appreciate some natural beauty in their life. For those with a green thumb, try gifting a potted flower or plant. These will last much longer than cut flowers, and your recipient can look at it day after day and remember your kindness.


2.     2. A Pampering Spa Day


Both men and women alike enjoy being pampered, so why not treat the special women in your life to a spa day? It will give them a chance to relax and take a break from their busy lives, and return rejuvenated and ready to take on anything.


3.     3. A Handmade Gift


If you even have the smallest crafty bone in your body, consider making something yourself and gifting it. It could be a scrapbook of memories you share together, a beautiful painting, a handmade card – the possibilities are endless. What makes handmade gifts truly special are the notion that you took the time to make something yourself, which says more than any purchased gift ever could.


4.     4. A Custom Gift Basket


If you’re not crafty at all but still want to gift something somewhat handmade, put together your own gift basket. Compile a bunch of their favorite goodies and put it in a wicker basket or a decorative bucket.


If they love beauty products put together a nice little basket of their favorite items, like mascaras, blushes, and lotions. If they’re into candles, select an array of fragrances you think they’ll enjoy. Simply select things you know they’ll love and organize them nicely.


5.     5. A Beautiful Piece of Jewelry


Of course, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous piece of jewelry on International Women’s Day. The piece can be simple and inexpensive, like a nice statement necklace, or extravagant, like a diamond bracelet or ring. Regardless of your jewelry budget, we’re sure she’ll be thankful and excited.


Use this guide as reference for purchasing a gift for the women in your life on International Women’s Day and they’ll be sure to be appreciative and feel appreciated themselves. No matter what you choose to gift them, if anything, simply letting them know you appreciate them and everything they do will be more than enough.


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