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5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

heart shaped diamond pendantIf you’re reading this article now, perhaps you’re panicking because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you still haven’t bought your cherished partner a gift. If your Valentine is one truly worth having, you can get away with celebrating a low-key Valentine’s Day sans gifts, as long as there is plenty of cuddling involved. But if you really want to surprise and impress your Valentine, try giving a thoughtful, unique gift because a box of heart-shaped chocolates or a stuffed animal from the local gift card shop just won’t cut it. Here are 5 life-saving, last minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.



1. For the Music Aficionado


The days of mixed tapes are long gone, but you can quickly create a playlist of your favorite love songs on Spotify or Grooveshark for you and your Valentine to listen to together while sharing a bottle of bubbly. Best of all, creating playlists on these websites is free and you won’t have to wait for a tape to rewind back to the beginning.


2. For the Avid Diner


You could take your Valentine somewhere special for dinner on the 14th, but all of the romantic restaurants in Cleveland and elsewhere in Northeast Ohio will likely be packed on the big day. Rather than calling around to see if you can reserve a table at a crowded restaurant at the last minute, consider buying a gift card for a restaurant you both love so you can dine there together in the near future. A restaurant gift card and a valentine are probably enough to satisfy the foodie in your life.


3. For the Travel Lover


Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, so you may be too busy to take a trip on the holiday itself. However, if you’re willing to wait till the weekend, you might want to plan a quick getaway to a romantic destination in Northeast Ohio, like the Chalet Debonne Vineyards in Madison, Rocking Horse Inn B&B in Ravenna, or Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


4. For the Book Worm


An old, tattered copy of Pablo Neruda’s love sonnets may make your partner swoon, but if you’re in a rush, perusing a dusty used bookstore to uncover a vintage book of love poems may simply be out of the question. Why not surprise your lover by loading some romantic poetry onto an e-reader, like the Kindle? That will be faster, easier, and just as romantic.


5. For the Jewelry Lover


This post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t allude to Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts, would it? After all, we are a jewelry store in Cleveland, Ohio. While it might be too late to pick out an engagement ring and pop the question on V-Day, it’s not too late to find her gorgeous jewelry that suits her style. Or if it’s a “him”, he surely won’t mind receiving a new watch to adorn his wrist.


Don’t let another Valentine’s Day pass you by. Make this V-Day one to remember by surprising your significant other with a special jewelry gift from our Cleveland jewelry shop. Visit our store or browse our collection online. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Pinterest



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