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5 Popular Diamond Shapes Made Easy

Selecting a diamond for an engagement ring can feel very overwhelming.  With all the different cuts and qualities, how does one choose?  Here’s a simple guide to defining the top diamond shapes:


  • ·         Round:  Probably the most popular shape and provides excellent reflection of light.
  • ·         Princess Cut:  The most popular of the “fancy” shapes, it works well with almost every style of ring.
  • ·         Oval:  This shape offers similar brilliance the round shapes, and also creates the illusion of looking larger.
  • ·         Marquise:  A football shaped diamond that has a round center with tapered ends.  Similar to oval shapes, it maximizes perceived size.
  • ·         Pear:  Just like the fruit, this shape is round at one end and tapers on the other.







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