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5 Spring Jewelry Trends in 2015

Every season brings with it new and exciting trends from the world of fashion, and Spring 2015 is no exception. We have been following the fashion shows and watching the runways across the globe, and now bring you five jewelry trends for the upcoming season. One consistent theme you will see across all these trends is that Spring 2015 is about being loud, being an individual, and being noticed.


1. Relic pendants and breastplate necklaces. More than one designer introduced intricate and creatively personal pendants this spring, including Giorgio Armani and Celine. Each pendant demonstrated a unique spirit and a flare for personality. Similarly, breastplate necklaces were spotted on many a runway this spring. Incredibly large and boldly detailed, the breastplate necklace will draw the eyes of many as you wear it.


2. Chains and chokers. Chains are another trend for Spring 2015. Ranging from luxurious interpretations from Christian Dior to the XXL chain necklaces from Stella McCartney, chains were seen in silver, jewels, glass, and brass. Chunky gold chain bracelets are another popular item for the coming months. Chokers also came in a vast array of designs and styles. Pearled chokers, mosaic jeweled chokers, and translucent chokers with gold ringlets will each find a place as accessories for the fashion-conscious women in spring and summer months.


3. Statement earrings. Continuing the trend of loud and attention grabbing, statement earrings are a popular item in the upcoming season. Designers like Nina Ricci and Tory Burch experimented with forms, shapes and colors to arrive at an astounding variety and level of uniqueness with earrings. One example of a statement earring is an unbalanced pair of earrings, in which the set of earrings are asymmetrical in length, shape, or color. It is of note that many of these unbalanced earrings include sapphires, rubies, or diamonds.


4. Uncommon watches and bracelets. The time for a common watch or bracelet is not this spring, because this season has seen an explosion of creativity in these jewelry accessories. Silver bracelets in the form of horsebits compete with upper arm bracelets of gold and jeweled bangles offset with silver. Add to these the fashion-forward watch designs with feathers from Fendi, the chunky smart watch designs of Diesel, and Emporio Armani’s electric blue watches, and it is evident that spring is a season to stand out with watches and bracelets.


5. Retro jewelry. Wood jewelry is regaining traction in the spring, boasting innovative and intricate designs for bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings. Beaded jewelry is similarly becoming popular, most evident in lavishly long necklaces and beaded earrings. Even hippie jewelry pieces, filled with fringe and colorful arrangement of jewels and beads, will be seen often in the spring months. However, it is noteworthy that golden jewelry pieces continue to remain popular and in demand. Luxurious and royal, gold never seems to lose its style.


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