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5 Tips for Choosing Men’s Wedding Bands

danhov men's wedding band

Choosing men’s wedding bands can be a daunting task. A wedding band is one of the most important accessories for men, who typically keep the amount of jewelry they wear to a minimum. Therefore, it’s important to choose a wedding band that is not only comfortable, but that also reflects the groom’s sense of style and complements his wardrobe. Here are 5 tips you can follow when shopping for a men’s wedding band that will help you find the right ring. 


1. Consider his lifestyle


Does the groom participate in any work or hobbies that could damage his wedding ring? Men who work as tradesmen or mechanics, for example, will need a durable wedding band that could stand up to harsh treatment if they prefer to leave their wedding band on while they work. A simple, solid metal wedding band is appropriate for men who work with their hands because carvings and stones trap dirt. Men who play sports or musical instruments will likely find a slim, comfortable wedding band with rounded edges more comfortable than a wide, bulky band.


2. Select a durable metal


When selecting the metal for a man’s wedding band, consider both the metal’s durability and weight. A lower-karat gold band, such as a 14-karat band, is a practical choice for men who need a wedding band that can take a bit of abuse. Although it is affordable, silver is not a good choice for wedding bands because it isn’t very durable. Platinum is durable, but it is quite heavy. Titanium is even stronger than platinum, but it weighs less. Other durable metals available include tungsten and steel.


3. Consider his personality


A wedding band is not only a symbol of your love, but is also an accessory that the groom will wear for a lifetime, so choose a wedding band that complements his personality. For a simple, no-frills kind of guy, a classic gold wedding band is a good choice. For a man who wants something more than a classic wedding band, consider choosing a simple band with a small twist, such as a two-tone ring with yellow gold and white gold, a wedding band with ribbed edges, or a modern wedding band with an inlaid leather braid.


A man with a bold personality might prefer a wedding band with an intricate, innovative design or diamonds and other gemstones that add flair. You may even want to adorn a wedding band with religious or cultural symbols, such as a Celtic symbol for an Irish groom. In every culture, there are symbols for love, marriage, and commitment


4. Make sure the bride and groom’s rings go together


While it’s not necessary to choose matching rings, think about the overall design of both rings. The bride and groom’s wedding bands should have similar details and look good together. Some aspect of the rings ought to match, such as the symbols or type of metal used.


5. Choose the correct ring size


Be sure to have your Cleveland jeweler measure your ring size. It’s best to finalize your ring size at the end of the day when you’re calm and your body temperature is normal. Avoid finalizing your ring size when you’re cold because your fingers will be smaller. In addition, avoid finalizing your ring size in the morning because you retain water from the night before or after exercise because your fingers swell.


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