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5 Tips for Preventing Jewelry Loss and Damage

At IMG Jewelers, our jewelry is of the utmost quality, but proper care is required to keep each piece looking as great as possible for years to come. By caring for your jewelry, you can ensure that it will remain in excellent condition throughout your marriage and that you’ll be able to pass it down through generations. Below are 5 tips for caring for your jewelry.


1. Store your jewelry in a safe place


When you take off your jewelry, be sure to store it in a safe place by itself so that it doesn’t get scratched. Always put it in the same place, so you don’t lose track of it. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry jewelry box that has separate compartments for each piece. Place your jewelry in a soft, padded bag or store it in a jewelry box lined with soft fabric. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone, but they can scratch other gemstones if they are stored together with other jewelry.


If you don’t wear your jewelry every day, consider investing in a safe and putting your jewelry there. Avoid placing your jewelry near vulnerable places like the sink or bathtub, where it could be knocked off and lost.


2. Have jewelry inspected every six months


Gemstones can become loose with everyday wear and tear, so have your jewelry inspected at a jewelry store in Cleveland, Ohio every six months to ensure that the stones are secure. You can also have your Cleveland jeweler clean and polish your jewelry when you take it in. If your jeweler recommends any repairs, have them performed right away.


Jewelry that is cracked, damaged, or broken should be set aside and taken in for repair as soon as possible. Avoid cleaning damaged jewelry because it could exacerbate the problem.


3. Remove your jewelry during certain activities


To prevent your jewelry from getting damaged, remove it during certain activities, such as when you go swimming, play sports, apply makeup or lotions, do yard work, cook, or clean. The buildup of lotion, soap, and other products can dull gemstones, while the harsh chemicals in cleaners can damage your jewelry.


Any vigorous activity, such as sports, can lead to sharp blows that chip your jewelry. If you work out at the gym, gripping weights can dent the metal band of your ring as well as compromise your ring’s setting. Sweat can also dull gemstones and metal. Furthermore, if you’re a swimmer, prolonged exposure to chlorine can damage your jewelry.


4. Clean your jewelry


Clean your jewelry at least once week so that it maintains a brilliant sparkle. While it’s best to get your jewelry cleaned by a professional at a Cleveland jewelry store, you can also clean your jewelry by yourself at home with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristle brush. Dry your jewelry off by wrapping it up in a dry paper towel and shaking it. You can also use jewelry polishing cloths to keep your jewelry clean.


5. Take extra precautions with different types of jewelry


If your jewelry has a lot of intricate details, you will need to clean it more frequently and thoroughly. If you have jewelry made of white gold, you should have rhodium coating reapplied to it on a periodic basis to ensure that the jewelry maintains its luster.


Antique jewelry is more delicate, so it requires special handling by a Cleveland jeweler that is familiar with older, estate jewelry. It’s best to have jewelry serviced and cleaned at the jewelry store where you purchased it because the jeweler will be more familiar with the jewelry’s unique care and cleaning requirements.


With regular cleaning and careful storage and care, keeping your jewelry looking as good as new will be easy. Not only will you be able to maintain your jewelry’s beautiful appearance by caring for it properly, you’ll also be able to maintain its sentimental and monetary value. If you’re looking for beautiful engagement rings, bridal sets, and jewelry for all occasions in Cleveland, Ohio, look no further than IMG Jewelers. Come visit our showroom in Lyndhurst to see our collection in person and speak with one of our expert jewelers! 



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