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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Jewelry for Her

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Selecting jewelry for your significant other can be an intimidating task, but when done right, it is also a fun and rewarding experience. When you see her eyes light up after you give her a special piece of jewelry you carefully picked out for her, all of the trouble you went through will have been well worth it. Here are 7 mistakes to avoid when buying jewelry for your girlfriend or wife.


1. Assuming that the more expensive the piece, the better


It’s easy to assume that the more expensive a piece of jewelry is, the better. However, it’s more important to focus on the recipient’s tastes and style rather than the price tag of a piece. There is plenty of gorgeous jewelry out there that’s cost-effective to boot.


2. Not doing your homework


Purchasing jewelry is a major investment, both financially and emotionally. Entering into the process without any knowledge of jewelry is a risky endeavor. Thanks to the Internet, even those who are clueless about jewelry can learn a thing or two prior to beginning their search. Some important topics you should familiarize yourself with prior to buying jewelry include the 4 C’s and the types of metal used to make fine jewelry. Additionally, learn what to look for in jewelry and how to evaluate the quality of a piece. 


3. Not knowing her tastes and preferences


It’s important to know what your girlfriend or wife likes. Every woman is different and has a distinct sense of style. Some women love flashy, attention-grabbing jewelry, while others prefer subtle, classic pieces. You may have to ask her girlfriends or family members about what she likes, or better yet, pay attention to what kind of jewelry she wears on a regular basis. Looking at her jewelry box might not be of help if she rarely wears the pieces she stores in it. Having a good idea of her style, tastes, and preferences will make the jewelry buying process easier and more successful.


4. Buying jewelry from a questionable jeweler


Be sure to buy jewelry from an established jeweler in Cleveland with a wide selection of pieces. There are many unscrupulous jewelers out there who will promise you one thing but give you another. Avoid this problem by choosing a jewelry store with a proven track record and many happy customers. Don’t make the mistake of buying jewelry online. It’s always best to buy jewelry in person so you can see exactly what you’re getting!


5. Blowing your budget


Avoid the temptation of spending more on a jewelry gift than you can truly afford because it’s never pleasant when an important piece of jewelry is surrounded by feelings of regret. Wait till you find the right piece of jewelry within your budget, so you don’t cringe every time you see your significant other wearing the gift you got her.  


6. Choosing the wrong metal


When you’re shopping for fine jewelry, look at the same gemstone in yellow gold and white gold to compare how the color of the metal influences the appearance of the gemstone. You should also consider the recipient’s tastes, as some women prefer white metals more than yellow gold and vice versa. In addition, consider a metal’s durability. Platinum is the most precious of all metals because it is rare, doesn’t oxidize or decay over time, and is extremely durable.


7. Picking inappropriate jewelry for the occasion


Pick jewelry gifts that are appropriate for the occasion. For example, if you are buying your girlfriend a Christmas gift but you have no plans to propose to her anytime soon, don’t buy her a ring. A ring is a loaded gift because it is associated with engagement and marriage. If she is really special to you but you’re not quite ready to make a huge commitment, give her a pair of diamond stud earrings to send the right message.


If you’re confused about what jewelry to buy for your girlfriend or wife, don’t hesitate to get in touch with IMG Jewelers. The friendly staff at our jewelry shop in Cleveland, Ohio can help you pick out the perfect piece for your partner.  Come to our showroom to browse our collection!




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