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7 Tips for Planning an Anniversary Surprise

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It’s that time of the year again – your wedding anniversary. If you’re bored with the idea of taking your spouse out to a fancy dinner yet again, why not surprise her with something special and unexpected? Here are some ideas for planning a memorable anniversary.


1. Serve her breakfast in bed


Breakfast in bed never gets old. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you woke up early to prepare her favorite breakfast and serve it to her in bed. If you have children, get them involved in the process. Add an intimate, heartfelt letter and a rose to the breakfast tray to make the meal extra special.


2. Plan a trip


Plan a fun trip somewhere out of town for the weekend. If you have children, arrange for them stay with a friend or relative so you two can spend quality time together. Taking a mini vacation will give you the opportunity to discuss where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed as well as renew your commitment as a couple.


3. Recreate your first date


Do you remember what you did on your first date with your spouse? Whether you went to see a ball game together or you had a picnic at the park, surprise your significant other on your anniversary by recreating your first date.


4. Cross an item off of your bucket list


Is there something you and your spouse have always talked about doing that you haven’t gotten around to yet? If so, plan to do it on your anniversary. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of riding in a hot air balloon together, surprise your spouse by planning the outing for your anniversary.  


5. Just be together


Rather than planning something elaborate, keep things simple by taking the day off of work and spending the day together. Turn off your cell phone, stop checking Facebook, and remove yourselves from your busy everyday lives in order to make room for each other. After all, celebrating your life together and enjoying each other’s company is what your anniversary is all about.


6. Take her dancing


Take your spouse out for a fun-filled night of dancing. Many dance clubs offer free dance lessons that allow you to practice your moves prior to hitting the dance floor. Some fun dance styles for couples include salsa, tango, lindy hop, merengue, and swing.


7. Buy her the perfect piece of jewelry


For milestone anniversaries, give her a special piece of jewelry. You can never go wrong with diamonds. Some options include a diamond anniversary band or a diamond ring with three stones that represent your past, present, and future together. You can also give your spouse a traditional anniversary gemstone that represents the year of your anniversary. Here is a brief list of gemstones based on anniversary year:


1st anniversary: gold jewelry

5th anniversary: sapphire jewelry

10th anniversary: diamond jewelry

15th anniversary: ruby jewelry

20th anniversary: emerald jewelry

25th anniversary: silver jewelry

30th anniversary: pearl jewelry


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