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8 Unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Looking for a special way to spend Valentine’s Day? If you’re tired of the same old routines, these ideas may help you plan something unique for February 14th.


1. Watch the sunrise together


You’ve probably watched the sunset together already, but have you caught the sunrise together? You’ll have to wake up early and dress warm since it’s so chilly in the morning, but the beautiful winter sunrise views are well worth it. After you watch the sunrise together, you can crawl back into bed to cuddle.


2. Start an annual Valentine’s Day tradition


If you always have trouble figuring out what you’re going to do together on Valentine’s Day, why not start a tradition that you can repeat every year? Then you’ll never be stuck planning something at the last minute again. For example, you could plan a movie night, create a special Valentine’s Day dinner menu, or enjoy a weekend getaway at a nearby bed & breakfast.


3. Have an indoor picnic


It’s probably too chilly to have a picnic outdoors, so how about an indoor picnic right in the comfort of your own home? You can lay out a picnic blanket in your living room and feed each other fresh fruit, chocolates, and cheese while drinking fine wine. After you’re done picnicking, you could watch cheesy romantic comedies together.


4. Hire a private chef


Rather than worrying about putting together a Valentine’s Day meal yourself or going out to a busy restaurant, why not sit back and relax at home while somebody prepares a delicious gourmet meal for you?


5. Set up a dessert bar


It’s Valentine’s Day, so you have permission to eat sweets for dinner. Set up a dessert bar on your dining table complete with ice cream, brownies, sundae toppings, and other decadent treats.


6. Go ice skating


Go ice skating together and then follow up with some hot cocoa and a warm dessert at a diner or at home. There are a number of excellent ice skating rinks in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, including the Rink at Wade Oval and the Hamilton Ice Rink.


7. Build a love cave


Do you remember building forts out of couch cushions, pillows, blankets, and sheets as a kid? Try doing it again as an adult in order to build your very own love cave where you can spend a cozy evening with your partner.


8. Take a couples’ yoga class


Doing yoga poses together is a fun and intimate way to connect. When doing yoga as a couple, it’s essential that you communicate effectively and remain sensitive to each other’s feelings to ensure that you’re not using too much force. These are skills that will strengthen all areas of your relationship and bring you closer together.


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