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Alternatives to Diamonds: Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Ideas

yellow topaz diamond engagement ring

Contrary to popular belief, not all women want a diamond engagement ring. A growing number of couples are choosing to forgo traditional diamond wedding engagement rings in Cleveland. Some of the reasons behind this decision include ethical concerns, cost-consciousness, and a general aversion to diamonds.


Diamonds often come from countries with records of human rights abuses. The diamond trade has also fueled armed conflicts in developing countries, as the movie “Blood Diamond” starring Leonardo DiCaprio depicted. Consumers can avoid tarnishing the beautiful story of their engagement by opting for conflict-free diamonds. Another alternative is to purchase a colored gemstone engagement ring.


Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings


Marilyn Monroe may have sung that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but not all women like diamonds. Some couples prefer to go against the grain and choose colored gemstone engagement rings in order to stand out from the crowd. Popular colored gemstones for engagement rings include opal, topaz, emerald, amethyst, ruby, and sapphire. In the 18th and 19th Centuries, colored gemstone engagement rings were the norm. Many gemstone engagement rings are more affordable than diamond engagement rings, making them an excellent choice for couples on a budget.


The colored gemstone engagement ring trend is also big among celebrities. Kate Middleton famously received a diamond and blue sapphire engagement ring from Prince William that once belonged to the late Princess Diana. Halle Berry received a diamond and emerald engagement ring from her fiancé Olivier Martinez, while Jessica Simpson received a ruby engagement ring from her fiancé Eric Johnson in honor of her July birthday.


No-Stone Engagement Rings


An alternative to colored gemstone rings are no-stone engagement rings, which have no stone at all or just tiny stones embedded in the ring rather than a large center stone. Elegant details, patterns, and engravings can add flair and femininity to no-stone engagement rings.


Non-Traditional Diamond Engagement Rings


Not all non-traditional engagement rings are made without diamonds. Diamonds are a great choice because they are neutral and match with virtually any outfit. On the other hand, colored gemstones could clash with your clothing. Another concern is that some gemstones are far less durable than diamonds, so you may end up having to replace the stone down the line.


Just because an engagement ring has a diamond doesn’t mean it can’t be unique. For example, you could purchase vintage engagement rings in Cleveland. Vintage rings have a story behind them and often conjure up images of the days of old, when chivalry and romance reigned supreme. Vintage engagement rings boast timeless beauty and have a magical air about them. You could even combine diamonds, colored gemstones, and metals from vintage, heirloom jewelry in order to create a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring that tells your love story in a memorable way.


Fancy color diamond engagement rings are an alternative to standard white diamond engagement rings. Only one in every 10,000 diamonds has a natural color. The deeper the color, the more a fancy color diamond is worth. There are fancy color diamonds available in green, blue, black, yellow, red, brown, and gray. Carrie Underwood received a yellow diamond engagement ring from hockey player Mike Fisher.


Whether you’re looking for traditional or alternative wedding engagement rings in Cleveland, IMG Jewelers can help you find the engagement ring of your dreams. Visit our jewelry shop in Cleveland today!




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