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The Benefits of Buying Custom Jewelry in Cleveland, Ohio

A growing number of consumers prefer buying items that reflect their personal tastes. The same goes for jewelry, which is often purchased to commemorate important life events or express one’s personality. The custom design process enables you to tailor jewelry to your specific preferences and create a finished piece that is like no other.


For example, if you’re planning to buy an engagement ring, why not craft a custom ring especially for your significant other? Instead of having a mass-produced ring that is worn by countless other people, your fiancé will have a ring that represents your unique love story.


Custom jewelry isn’t just ideal for engagements. Other important events that may warrant the creation of custom jewelry include graduations, births, and anniversaries. There’s truly no limit to the memories and moments that deserve custom jewelry.


Investing in custom design work enables you to choose jewelry that speaks to your personality, style, and tastes. If you can dream it up, a custom jeweler can make it.

Custom jewelry is becoming all the rage because every piece is unique and represents the qualities that make each person special. Whether you want to replicate a family heirloom or design the ring of your dreams from scratch, custom design work gives you full creative control.


The Custom Jewelry Design Process: What to Expect


To create your own custom jewelry, start out by researching what’s out there and taking note of what you like and don’t like. Meet with your jeweler to discuss your wants and needs and sketch out drawings. It could take anywhere from a matter of minutes to several visits and conversations to give your jeweler a clear idea of what you desire.


The traditional method for designing custom jewelry is to carve a jewelry prototype out of wax using small scalpels and knives. But a growing number of custom jewelers in Cleveland are using sophisticated design software to create precise jewelry drawings, which are then exported to prototyping machines called CNC mills or growing machines to create a 3D rendering of your jewelry.


Once you approve of the rendering, a cast is created to forge your jewelry with the selected metal. After your jewelry is forged, it is filed and prepared. The next step is to texture and detail the piece. The jeweler then selects precious stones for your approval and carefully mounts them onto your jewelry. The final step in the custom jewelry making process is to polish and clean your jewelry until it is a perfect match of the one-of-a-kind piece you dreamed up.


IMG can create custom jewelry in Cleveland, Ohio that you’ll be 100% satisfied with and cherish for a lifetime. Known as “Cleveland’s Jeweler” since 1949, we’ll make sure that you receive exactly what you want and nothing less.



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