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The Best Jewelry Gifts for Men

Jewelry is widely considered a female accessory, but a growing number of men are also adorning themselves with bling. So, rather than getting your husband, father, or another man in your life a tie, DVD, or cologne as a gift for a special occasion, what about getting him something special at one of the jewelry stores in Cleveland?


Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or a graduation, many men appreciate receiving jewelry as a gift. The most popular types of jewelry among men are necklaces, rings, and bracelets. And although they’re not jewelry per se, watches are another beloved item sold by Cleveland jewelers.


There’s a thin line between tasteful and over the top when you’re selecting jewelry for men. To ensure that the man on the receiving end will be happy with his gift, select a piece of jewelry that’s simple and elegant. It’s also important to choose jewelry that exudes masculinity.


Tips for Choosing Jewelry for Men


Bracelets add sparkle to any outfit. Men tend to look good in chain and cuff bracelets that are firm fitting and chunky. You can find everything from plain cuff bracelets to cuff bracelets adorned with intricate designs and symbols.


Rings are also popular with men, and they aren’t just for weddings. In addition to rings suitable for a man’s ring finger, you can also find rings for a man’s middle finger, pinky, or even thumb. Men tend to look the best in simple rings that aren’t too big and clunky.


Men also look great in bold yet simple pendants or chain necklaces. Long, thick chain necklaces and large crosses are popular with men who like to attract attention, while men with more subtle tastes and older men tend to prefer shorter, less chunkier chains and smaller pendants. Only choose chains made of real metal, such as gold, platinum, or silver, because fake metals are pretty obvious. Some men prefer hanging metal pendants on a leather cord instead of a metal chain for a more rustic look.  


A watch is the single most important accessory that men use. Few men leave home without their watches. Some men even believe that a watch is the only type of “jewelry” a man should ever wear. If you’re thinking of buying a man a watch, look for a watch that fits the man’s lifestyle, personality, and mode of dress. There are many watch styles to choose from, including watches for formal occasions, watches for the office, and casual watches.


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