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Is Buying a Loose Diamond for Your Engagement Ring a Good Deal?

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When buying a diamond engagement ring, you may have trouble choosing between loose and mounted, or in other words, deciding whether to pick a loose diamond and have it mounted in your setting of choice, or buy an engagement ring with a stone that’s already set. While buying a ring that’s ready to go is easier and quicker, it will be more difficult for you to evaluate the diamond’s quality, so you can never know what you’re really getting.


One issue is that a setting often conceals significant portions of a diamond, making it difficult for you to spot cracks, chips, and other flaws. It’s also tougher to assess a diamond’s color and quality since the setting reflects light into the diamond. When you buy a loose diamond, you can avoid being distracted by the setting and closely inspect the stone itself for any imperfections. Buying a loose diamond first allows you to focus on the quality of the diamond rather than just the ring’s overall appearance.


For the best results, make two separate purchases. First, choose the diamond you want and then second, select the setting. If you’re in love with a diamond that’s already mounted, you could ask your Lyndhurst, Ohio jeweler if it’s possible for them to remove the setting so you can see the diamond better. Better yet, ask a reputable jeweler to examine the loose diamond to assess its quality, identify any defects, and evaluate the stone’s 4 C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat. 


Unless you’re a diamond expert or you really trust your jeweler, buying diamonds that are already mounted is risky business. Many consumers are duped into paying large sums of money for diamonds of poor quality.


Buy a Loose Diamond If You Want a Budget-Friendly Engagement Ring


If you buy your engagement ring in Lyndhurst, Ohio from a trusted jewelry store, you probably don’t have to worry about being swindled, but you will inevitably end up spending more. Buying loose diamonds is a lot more budget-friendly because jewelers in Lyndhurst get loose diamonds at wholesale prices and pass the savings on to consumers. Even after you pay a jeweler to mount your loose diamond into a setting, you could save up to thousands of dollars. The money you save could go toward other costs, like your wedding or honeymoon. In sum, purchasing a loose diamond and choosing a setting separately will give you the most bang for your buck.


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