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Caring for Your Heirloom Jewelry


When you have something as precious and sentimental as a piece of heirloom jewelry, you want to preserve it for as long as you can. Memories are tied to pieces of jewelry, and can be experienced every time you wear or admire them.


Some stones and metals can be easily damaged or tarnished, so it’s important you know how to properly store and care for your jewelry. Here are a few tips to make your heirloom jewelry last forever.


Store jewelry in a soft lined jewelry box.


Storing your jewelry in a softly lined box will prevent the box itself from damaging your jewelry. Be sure your jewelry is separated from other jewelry in separate compartments or individual cloth pouches. Hard stones like diamonds can damage softer stones or metals if bumped against one another.


Keep jewelry away from everyday chemicals.


You may not realize that common products you use everyday can damage your jewelry. Things like makeup, hairspray, and perfume can take a toll on your jewels over time. Spray your perfume, style your hair, and do your makeup before you put on your jewelry. Be sure to wash your hands before handling your items, as you never know what dangers could be hiding on your fingers.


Remove jewelry before showering and doing dishes as well. Harsh soaps can cause buildup and make what was once shiny and beautiful dull and lackluster.


Clean jewelry regularly.


Cleaning your jewelry regularly will give it a longer life and keep it looking shiny and new. Be sure you’re using a cleaner that’s made for the particular metal or stone to avoid any accidental damage.  Clean, dry cloths can also be used to clean your jewelry, and there are special cloths for sterling silver that prevent and remove tarnish.


Have jewelry inspected annually.


All jewelry should be checked every year by a professional jeweler for loose settings or broken clasps. Repairs can be made to ensure you don’t lose any stones or break your jewelry.


Following these tips will ensure your heirloom jewelry lasts for years and years, right along with those precious memories and sentiments.


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