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Choosing an Engagement Ring

When you are ready to propose marriage, finding the perfect engagement ring is often a major concern.  Concerns about costs, ring design, and “will she like it?” often swirl in a future groom-to-be’s mind. In this article, IMG Jewelers will present you with the 4 steps you need to overcome these concerns and find the perfect ring to fit your budget AND your loved one’s personality and style.


Step One:  Get informed!
An informed consumer is a smart consumer… and that goes for jewelry purchases such as engagement rings, too.  Knowing diamond terminology, such as “cut, clarity, and carat” as well as the diamond shapes and metals available (as well as their associated effect on costs and quality of the product) will help you make informed decisions when you purchase an engagement ring.

A perfect place to do some research on engagement rings is right on the IMG Jewelers site. We’ve dedicated an entire section of our website to educating our jewelry customers on diamonds, metals, gemstones, and pearls. We believe you will find information on our website that will help you make the best engagement ring purchase for your upcoming proposal!


Step Two: Set a budget!

Just as you would set a budget for other purchases, you should also set one for an engagement ring purchase. The amount you decide to invest is truly a personal decision, and a good jeweler will never pressure you into spending more than you can afford on the purchase.  Whether you have a limited budget, or expansive one, there are engagement ring styles and ring design options available in nearly every price range.


Step three: Asses her style!

Odds are good that you already have a good idea what type of jewelry she likes since you are so close to her.  Her “daily” jewelry preferences are a good gauge of what type of ring she might like for and engagement ring or bridal set as well.

You can also think about the clothes she wears, and the accessories she chooses. Does she like classic looks? Perhaps a beautiful diamond solitaire fits her style. If she loves all things vintage, perhaps a art-deco-inspired ring suites her taste.  Of course, you always have the ability to custom design a ring to reflect her style, too! In fact, the experts at IMG Jewelers are known for their beautiful custom designed engagement rings. If you have an idea or a dream engagement ring, IMG can help you make it a reality!


Step four:  Choose a reputable jeweler!

At IMG Jewelers in Lyndhurst, Ohio, we have been known as “Cleveland’s jeweler” since 1949 for good reason: we believe in honesty, integrity, and providing all of our customers with the best possible products and services available.

Our staff is dedicated to helping each of our customers find the perfect engagement ring that not only fits their budget, but their lifestyle and their tastes as well.  Even if you cannot find the perfect ring inside our showroom, we have an on-sight jewelry artist who can help you design the diamond ring of your dreams.   

IMG makes it our goal that every fiancé leaves our store with the engagement ring they can be proud to present with the words: “I love you, will you marry me?”




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