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Choosing a Jeweler in Northeast Ohio

With the plethora of fine jewelry stores located in Cleveland and its suburbs, you might be wondering how to find the best jewelry store for purchasing your diamond engagement ring, your wedding bands, or a special anniversary, birthday, or “just because” gift.  While at first glance, all jewelry stores may seem the same, there are differences… ones which truly make all the difference… that you should be aware of before making a jewelry purchase or investment.


Attention to Jewelry Details
Attention to detail is truly important when it comes to purchasing jewelry. Even rings or necklaces, or earrings that might look similar can be vastly different in how the stones are set or how the metal is worked, or the soldering is completed. Quality is in the details; and, a quality piece of jewelry will not cut corners in securing stones, finishing,  polishing, or in construction.

From the minute a customer walks in to the beautiful IMG Jewelers store in Lyndhurst, we believe the attention to detail in our store will be seen immediately. From the well-organized and brightly-lit jewelry cases, to the quality in craftsmanship presented in each and every piece on display in our collection, our attention to detail is truly unmatched in the Cleveland jewelry market.



Attention to Their Customers
Attention to detail is also an important trait for the staff of the jewelry store.  At IMG, we make it a priority to listen to our customers, hear their wishes, and address their questions and concerns. Our ultimate goal is to provide each person that enters our store with quality jewelry pieces that fit their style, their budget, and their needs.



The staff at IMG are not only employees, they are truly experts. Because of each employee’s education and experience in fine jewelry, IMG sets itself apart from most other local jewelry retailers in the Cleveland, Ohio area.



 Attention to the “Experience”
Maybe it is because we are a family-owned jewelry store with a rich history in the Clev eland area; or, maybe it is simply because we believe that purchasing jewelry should be an experience and not just a moment in time. At IMG, our goal is ALWAYS customer satisfaction, and not the sale. 


While other retailers may be satisfied with providing their customers with a mediocre jewelry-buying experience, our entire staff is determined to provide each and every IMG customer with a memorable, impactful, and intimate jewelry buying experience in a low-pressure, highly informative atmosphere.


The fact of the matter is, that for most of us, fine jewelry buying is for a special moment. Whether you are buying a diamond ring to propose marriage, a wedding band to say “I do”, or an anniversary band, birthday gift, or holiday presents to say “I love you”, the the IMG staff considers the buying experience as important and special as the moment that your gifts are purchased for. The initial purchase is the launching point for the special moment that it leads up to… and we strive to make it a pleasurable one.


Even more importantly, you can trust that IMG Jewelers will be around when you need us, whenever you need us.  Should you need resizing, future repairs or remounting, or simply need to purchase additional jewelry pieces for upcoming occasions, you can count on IMG to provide you with the same quality services and craftsmanship they have been giving to the Cleveland community since 1949.



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