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Choosing the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

The options for an engagement ring are far more than gold or platinum. There are a surprising number of metals to choose from for an engagement ring. Each metal communicates something about you and your fiancé, and each metal has its own wonderful attributes.


Yellow or White Gold


Gold is by far the most common metal for engagement rings, particularly in yellow gold or white gold. Because pure gold is too soft for jewelry, it is generally about 75% pure and mixed with other alloys to give it strength. White gold is plated with rhodium.


Why You Will Love It: Yellow and white gold are the most widely available, so the cost is typically less than other precious metals. Also, the alloys allow a great diversity in the color, which allows you to pick the perfect hue.


Pink or Rose Gold


A trendy choice for today’s engagement ring is pink or rose gold. These beautiful rings are created by mixing pure gold with a copper alloy, with the deeper colors coming from an increased amount of the copper alloy.


Why You Will Love It: This durable metal enhances many skin tones that might not be as appealing with lighter colors. An additional bonus is that rose gold represents love, as opposed to white gold meaning friendship and yellow gold, fidelity.




Platinum is an extremely durable metal, so much that it was used in the construction of military equipment during the world wars. Platinum is very rare, which does make it more expensive, but its soft white hue and the hardness of the metal itself allow for intricate designs to be engraved upon the ring.


Why You Will Love It: Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, so it is the perfect choice if your fiancé has sensitive skin. It will also endure wear and tear well, and does not add any tint to the stone.


Cobalt or Palladium


Neither of these metals were originally intended for jewelry, but both are stunning alternatives to the classic ring metals. Cobalt has a similar hue to platinum, but is heavier. Palladium has a darker tone than both cobalt and platinum, but is a flexible and lower cost metal alternative.


Why You Will Love It: Cobalt and palladium are unique enough as ring metals to draw attention, and neither of them tarnishes. Either metal can become the foundation of a truly beautiful ring for your future spouse.


Titanium or Tungsten


Both titanium and tungsten are gaining popularity as a metal of choice for men’s wedding bands. Both have a greyish-black shimmer to them, and are perfect for men who do not normally wear jewelry.


Why You Will Love It: Titanium and tungsten are particularly masculine metals.


The most important element to remember in selecting an engagement ring is the person receiving it. The metal should match your fiancé’s temperament and style choices.


Let IMG Jewelers help you find the perfect engagement ring. We have been serving the Cleveland, Ohio area since 1949, and know what true beauty is in a ring.



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