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Custom Designing New Jewelry Using Generational Gems

Almost everyone has heard of passing down fine jewelry from one generation to another.  After all, diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum are lasting mementos and gifts to commemorate special occasions, love, and even family. They are truly meant to be treasured across the generations.

What happens though, when grandma’s jewelry is out-of-style, or simply not to your liking?  A wonderful alternative to giving your bride-to-be a ring (or any other piece of sentimental jewelry) exactly the way grandma wore it, is to have the diamonds or gems remounted into “new” pieces that your loved one will adore as much as its previous owner did.

While it is wonderful to say “I love you” to someone by entrusting them with jewelry that has been in the family for years and years, it is also just as nice to take the finest parts of that jewelry, and artfully include them into an entirely new piece that will become a lasting treasure, too.  For instance, using a diamond from the engagement ring that your grandfather presented to your grandmother many, many years ago, and incorporating it into a brand new engagement ring, or crafting a custom-designed promise ring, or even designing it into a wedding band is a wonderful idea that ties both “old” and “new” together in an exciting way.

It is absolutely possible to re-imagine an “old” fine jewelry piece into a wonderfully new and elegant creation with the help of a master jeweler such as those on staff at IMG Jewelers in Cleveland, Ohio.  They can help remount the fine stones into a new ring or, or even custom-design a new mounting to expertly display the diamond and have it sparkle to its fullest potential and brilliance.  They can highlight the stones borrowed from your ancestors, or simply incorporate seamlessly into any new jewelry piece’s design. Because IMG is the largest importer of diamonds, they are even well-suited to help you find the best “accompanying” diamonds and gems to best match the ones you have inherited.

Of course, you don’t have to be giving an engagement ring or a promise ring to reuse grandma’s fine jewelry, either.  We can develop a piece that fits the way you want to display it: in a bracelet, necklace, fashion ring, or in any type of mens’ or womens’  jewelry pieces. We can even help you simply have the original piece restored, repaired if necessary, and resized to fit!

Whether you are looking to incorporate generational-quality gems and diamonds into your purchases for sentimental, budgetary, or both reasons, the experts at IMG Jewelers can help you create, or restore, a beautiful piece of jewelry that is worthy to be passed on for generations yet to come.



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