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Debunking Diamond Myths: Diamond Fluorescence

Do you know what fluorescence in a diamond is? The odds are good you do not.  However, you may be under the impression that fluorescence is bad… without even knowing what it truly means!
It is true, that in some diamonds, fluorescence can make a stone appear dull or “milky”. However, more often, it  makes a diamond appear even whiter! In fact, in study conducted by the GIA entitled  "The Impact of Fluorescence in Diamonds" it was proven that a strong (or very strong) blue fluorescence can improve appearance rather than detract from it, especially in diamonds with a yellow color or warm tone.  Since the most common fluorescent color is blue, and blue is the complimentary color to yellow, blue fluorescence can make yellowish diamonds look whiter than their actual grade, or even colorless.
The truth is that fluorescence rarely affects a diamond’s sparkle or brilliance.  And, since approximately 30% or more of all diamonds have fluorescence, there is a good chance that you will fall in love with one that does. Many diamond shoppers often are drawn to, and choose an engagement ring or diamond solitaire necklace fluorescent diamond over a non-fluorescent stone.  Those who know diamonds well,  might actually seek them out!


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