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Fall Jewelry Trends: 2015


With the first day of Fall having just passed, it’s only appropriate to want to know what’s in style this season. While some jewelry pieces will always be classics and remain in collections, it’s always fun to have some new pieces to switch it up and be on trend.


Here are some of the most prevalent jewelry looks that have popped up on the runway this season:


Bold Earrings


Bold, statement earrings are in this Fall. The bigger and more unique the better. It’s even been popular to only wear one, which truly makes a statement (and saves you if you’ve misplaced one of your favorites).


Choker Necklaces


Choker necklaces have went in and out of style over the years, but they’re back in a big way this season – literally. Gone are the days of small and dainty chokers, as thick, bold ones have been preferable on the runway. They are chic and make a statement, and work well with simple outfits.


Modern Pearls


We’re not talking about your grandmother’s string of pearls, because they no longer need to be simple and understated. Pearls are cropping up in bold, metallic bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. They’ve even been spotted in faux facial piercings!




Again – don’t bust out your grandmother’s brooch. Brooches on the runway are bold and make their own statement, truly becoming a centerpiece of your look. Try wearing them in a unique way, and even pair them with a fun hairstyle!




Fringe isn’t only popular for your hair this Fall, but for your jewelry as well. Earrings, necklaces, and even bracelets with fringe add interesting and dynamic movement to your pieces. Try out both cloth and metal fringe for different styles.



With all of these awesome styles it’s hard to decide which one we like best. Which of these Fall jewelry trends do you plan on trying this season?


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