Family-Owned Stores vs. Big Chains: Which Type of Cleveland Jeweler Is Better?

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One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is whether they should buy from local Cleveland jewelers or a big chain store that has locations around the country. People often assume that it’s cheaper to buy from a chain store than an independent jeweler because chain stores purchase diamonds and gold in bulk. However, there are no significant volume discounts on the bulk purchase of these items, so it is rare for a chain store to be able to offer the same quality product as an independent jeweler at a lower price.


Local, independent jewelry shops in Cleveland also have much lower overhead costs than big chain stores. As a result, independent jewelers can work on a smaller margin than big chain stores and still make a profit without sacrificing quality and service. Below are other compelling reasons why you might want to choose an independent, family-owned jewelry store instead of a chain store.


One-of-a-kind jewelry


If you don’t mind having cookie-cutter, mass-produced jewelry that looks like everybody else’s, buying jewelry from a chain store might not be so bad. But if you seek one-of-a-kind jewelry with original designs that are as unique as you are, go with a local jewelry store in Cleveland. Small, family-owned jewelers put a lot more care and creativity into the jewelry they make. If you buy custom jewelry from an independent jeweler, you will never see anybody else with the same piece as you.


Superior quality

Chain jewelers buy gemstones in bulk, so the quality tends to be spotty. On the other hand, local jewelers hand pick each stone based its quality, clarity, and size. So, while you may pay slightly more for jewelry at an independent jewelry store, you get more bang for your buck. Local jewelers also make up for what they lack in quantity with quality.


Excellent customer service


Unlike big retail jewelers in Cleveland, independent jewelers take customer satisfaction seriously because they live and die by their reputation and rely on word-of-mouth advertising to stay in business. What’s more, the staff at independent jewelry stores tends to be a lot more knowledgeable. Often, when you visit a local jewelry store, you’re able to speak directly with a certified gemologist or custom jeweler rather than a sales clerk who may have been selling shoes or vacuum cleaners just six months ago. At big chain stores, the salespeople are often trying to sell you the most expensive piece possible in order to get the highest commission, or they might pressure you into buying something just so they can reach their sales goal.


Willingness to negotiate


Another benefit of buying jewelry from an independent, family-owned Cleveland jewelry store versus a big chain store is that you may be able to negotiate when it comes to price. You’ll never have this kind of flexibility at a chain jewelry store.


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