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Get Educated About Diamonds

All diamonds are gorgeous. They are all  sparkly, and shiny, and beautiful in their own way.  Because of this, customers may not believe they need to know much about the precious gem before buying them. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the more you know about diamonds, we believe that the better your diamond-buying experience will be!


At IMG, our philosophy is to give all of our customers the best diamond for their hard-earned dollar.  Because diamond-buying could likely be a new experience for our customers, we believe in treating our customers like friends by providing an intimate buying experience with honesty, integrity, and fairness as a priority. That’s also why we offer diamond-buying education right on our website and in our Cleveland Jewelry Store… because an educated consumer will see and understand the superior values that our store has to offer.


The basics of diamond buying: What you need to know!
The fundamentals of diamonds are Cut, Clarity, Color, Shape, and Carat Weight.


The most basic of these is shape, which simply suggests the shape of the actual diamond itself.  While a round diamond is still the most popular, many others are also available and include marquis, pear, emerald, oval, and even heart shaped diamonds.


Moving on from shape, most people will also consider carat weight of a diamond to be important. The carat weight is the actual size of the diamond. Because larger diamonds are considered more “rare” and desirable, the larger the diamond’s carat, generally, the more expensive it becomes. Keep in mind, though, that a larger diamond weight (or larger carat weight) will not necessarily mean a better diamond, though. That is where Cut, Clarity, and Color come into place.


The Cut of a diamond is what determines how much sparkle the diamond gives off. The better the cut, the more valuable a diamond becomes.  Cut is graded as “Ideal”, which is the most beautiful and rare, down to “poor” which indicates that the diamond does not give much sparkle or reflect much light.


Color is also important, as diamonds range in color from clear to yellow.  Color is graded in letters, with “D” being absolutely colorless or clear, down to “Z” which has a distinctly noticeable yellow color.  A diamond graded with a “D” color is basically “perfect” in color, and considered a rarity.  Diamonds that fall near a “D” on the scale are nearly colorless, with color only being discernible by a gemologist and not with the naked eye.


A diamond’s Clarity is also an important measure of its worth.  Clarity is a measure of te diamond’s natural inclusions, blemishes, markings and flaws. Clarity is noted as flawless (F) or Very, very slightly included (VV markings) or Very slightly included (V), down to Slightly included (S) and Included (I). The most desirable diamonds are flawless, however, since most inclusions are not noticeable with the naked eye, a “VV” or “V” or even an “S” clarity can be excellent diamonds as well.



Value and Quality Jewelry in Cleveland, Ohio


In Cleveland, Ohio, there is simply no finer place to buy diamonds than IMG Jewelers, located on Mayfield Road in Lyndhurst. Our quality standards are among the highest of all jewelers. All of the diamonds we sell offer excellent options to our customers for the creation of diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, or diamond cocktail and fashion rings. Our knowledgeable staff will offer expert advice on quality, value, cut, color, and clarity of all of our loose diamonds and can help you determine which fits your style and budget.


Whether you are a first-time diamond buyer, or have made several purchases before, we believe you will find the experience at IMG Jewelers is second-to-none.



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