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Gift Giving Holidays and Occasions


Gift giving is a wonderful way to express your appreciation, gratitude, and admiration for another person. While gifts can be given at any time someone wishes to give one, it is sometimes difficult to know when a gift should be given or is expected.


There are many common holidays and occasions that gifts are typically associated with, and the list will surely continue to grow as new customs and traditions become part of our culture.


Here are some of the most common holidays that are celebrated with gifts:


  •  Valentine’s Day

o   Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated with sentimental gifts, like flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. More extravagant gifts are typically reserved for close loved ones, though small sentiments like cards and candy are appreciated by most.

  •  Easter

o   Baskets filled with candy and small toys are often given to children on Easter. Flowers and candy can be given to adults, though it’s less common.

  •  Mother’s Day

o   Mother’s Day gifts can range all over the map depending on the tastes and likes of the recipient, but flowers and jewelry are most commonly given.

  •  Father’s Day

o   Similar to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gifts are determined by the tastes of the recipient, and could be a variety of different items.

  •  Winter holidays

o   Hanukkah, Ramadan, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are the most well known holidays celebrated in the winter in the United States, though there are more. Each holiday is celebrated differently, and different kinds of gifts are given for each.


There are also multiple occasions that warrant gift giving:


  •  Birthdays
  •  Anniversaries
  •  Weddings
  •  Births
  •  Graduations
  •  Bridal/Baby Showers
  •  Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  •  Engagements
  •  Housewarmings
  •  Going Away Parties
  •  Sympathy/Get Well Soon
  •  Thank You
  •  Christenings
  •  Bar/Bat Mitzvahs


Most likely, if you live in the United States, you’ve given a gift for at least a couple of these occasions. The gifts are determined based on the recipient, and can range from simple and homemade to lavish and extravagant.



Ultimately, when it comes to gift giving it truly is the thought that counts. No matter what you’re able to give, the recipient will be grateful for your kindness and thought.


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