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How to Buy Her an Engagement Ring She’ll Love

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So, you’ve found your soul mate and want to propose. Now the challenge will be to find an engagement ring that she’ll love to wear for years to come. The task of purchasing an engagement ring can make any man break into a sweat. It’s a high-pressure purchase since women tend to be on the pickier side of the gender spectrum and an engagement ring is supposed to symbolize a couple’s undying love for one another. What’s more, engagement rings aren’t cheap. According to, the average engagement ring costs about $5,431.


The best way to ensure that she’ll love her engagement ring and that it will fit her properly is to take her to jewelry stores in Cleveland, Ohio and let her pick out the ring herself. If you want to surprise her, however, you’ll have to do the engagement ring shopping on your own. Picking out an engagement ring by yourself is a difficult endeavor, but it is also an unmatched opportunity to show your significant other how romantic and thoughtful you can be. Just imagine the look on her face when you get down on one knee and surprise her with a beautiful engagement ring that fits her perfectly. As long as you follow this advice, you’re sure to find her a ring she loves almost as much as she loves you. 


Pay Attention to Her Jewelry Likes and Dislikes


When shopping for engagement rings in Cleveland, Ohio, you’ll want to find a ring that matches her unique style and preferences. Take note of the type of jewelry she frequently wears. Does she wear a lot of gold, or is she partial to white metal? Does she like big, flashy jewelry, or is she more of an understated jewelry kind of gal? The best indication of her preferences in jewelry is the pieces she wears all the time because those are the pieces she is likely the most comfortable wearing.


If you are brave enough, you could also find an excuse to take her to a jewelry shop in Cleveland. For example, you could say you’re looking for a new watch. While you’re browsing, she’ll probably go and look at the women’s jewelry. Keep an eye on the jewelry she gravitates toward because that is probably the kind of jewelry she would like to have. You could even point a piece of jewelry out to her and tell her you think it’s nice to see what she says. Not all women like diamonds – gemstones beyond the ubiquitous white diamond that are great for engagement rings include rubies and sapphires.


Establish Your Budget


Prior to setting foot into a jewelry store in Cleveland, establish your budget so the jeweler can show you different options that are in your price range. There’s a rule of thumb saying that you should spend around two months’ salary on an engagement ring but it is not necessary to follow this arbitrary rule. Just buy the best ring you can afford – there’s nothing romantic about starting your life as newlyweds with a mountain of debt.


Determine Her Ring Size


Many men make the mistake of buying an engagement ring that doesn’t fit. While all you have to do is take an ill-fitting ring back to the jeweler to have it fitted, it’s better to get it right the first time around so you can avoid the embarrassment of getting down on one knee and trying to slide the ring onto her finger, only to find that it doesn’t fit.


If she has rings that she wears on her engagement ring finger, try to get a hold of one long enough so that you can take it to a jeweler and have it measured. If you can’t access her rings, ask a close friend or family member who is good at keeping a secret to get one for you. Try to get a ring that she doesn’t use very much, so she doesn’t notice its absence.


Educate Yourself

There are more choices in metals for engagement rings than ever before, but the most common options are platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Choose a metal that suits your significant other’s preferences and withstands daily wear and tear. You also need to learn how to evaluate the quality of diamonds by studying the 4 C’s: color, clarity, carat, and cut.  


If you need help choosing the right engagement ring for the woman you love, come to IMG Jewelers. We’re a leading jewelry shop in Cleveland that offers a wide variety of engagement rings as well as custom design services. View our collection online, give us a call at 440-461-4464, or visit our showroom to see our collection in person!




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