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How to Choose Jewelry that Matches Your Outfit

The perfect piece of jewelry can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, but the wrong combination can destroy what was otherwise wonderful. Picking the right jewelry to complement an outfit is vital to completing a look, and knowing how to do this is not as hard as it might seem.


What is the Function of the Jewelry?


Knowing the “why” behind the piece of jewelry is the place to start, because it makes all the difference in the world. There are two aspects to knowing the why behind the jewelry.


Is the jewelry the focus of the outfit, or complementing the outfit? If you have a piece of jewelry you want to highlight in your outfit, start with the jewelry and build your outfit around it. On the other hand, if your outfit is the focus, then you should select the jewelry after the outfit as the perfect complement.


What is the occasion? When making a choice about jewelry, appreciating the details of the occasion is vital. Appropriate jewelry choices for a night out on the town with the girls are very different from what you should consider for an evening professional networking event.


Know Your Preferences


If you are not comfortable wearing a piece of jewelry, it will be obvious and will detract from the essence of the outfit’s impact. In order to avoid this, you have to learn through trial-and-error what your preferences for jewelry are, and make purchases that align with what you enjoy.


Do you enjoy handcrafted jewelry? Some women find great pleasure in wearing a custom designed, handcrafted piece of jewelry, and knowing nobody in the world has the exact same necklace.


What metals do you prefer? Having a metal or color preference is a combination of skin tones, sense of style, and wardrobe choices.


Jewelry with religious significance. This is an important personal decision. Some wish to wear jewelry that signifies a religious leaning and others prefer to avoid this altogether, while a third group is more concerned with beauty than significance.


Matching Specific Pieces of Jewelry to Your Outfit


Each type of jewelry has ideal guidelines to follow or consider when matching with a given outfit. Before addressing these, remember the first rules of fashion: Have fun, and be yourself. Still, the following tips are good to keep in mind:


- Necklaces should generally be longer or shorter than the neckline. Having a necklace plunge into the bosom detracts from the beauty of the necklace. Also, low-scoop or deep-v neck tops are often better paired with other jewelry accessories.

-Earrings are wonderful accessories that help you make a strong statement, especially if you pair them well with different necklines. Dangling earrings are stunning when matched with asymmetric, halter, or Queen Anne necklines, and stud earrings are preferred with strapless or off-the-shoulder tops.

-Bracelets are too often overlooked as a fashion statement, but can be stunning with a few caveats. Full-length sleeves should be avoided with bracelets, as the fashion accessory will then be shrouded. Another consideration is to pair one or more bold bracelets with a halter-top or on he opposite wrist of a one-shoulder strap top.


If you are in the Cleveland area, IMG Jewelers is a reputable jeweler who has been in business since 1949. We would be thrilled to help you find the perfect jewelry to complement your outfit for that special occasion. Contact us or visit our Lyndhurst showroom today.



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