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How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger

emerald cut diamond engagement ring

In engagement rings, anniversary rings, and bridal sets, diamonds are symbolic of a lasting relationship. When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s the thought that counts, right?


While the size or weight of the rock shouldn’t matter, one can’t help but feel wistful when seeing photos of giant celebrity engagement rings. Fortunately, small diamonds can look just as gorgeous as their larger counterparts. In fact, a small, well-cut diamond can be far more dazzling than a large, dull diamond. That being said, there are a few things you can do to make a diamond look bigger than it really is.


Slim Band


Choose a slim band for your engagement ring if you want the center diamond to look larger. A slim band will focus your attention on the diamond and enhance its appearance.


Bezel Setting


A bezel setting has a rim that encircles the stone completely. If you choose a white gold or platinum ring, the bezel setting will blend in with the diamond, enhance its appearance, and make it look larger.


Illusion Setting


A ring with an illusion setting has metal surrounding the stone to make it appear larger. The metal typically has an interesting design and is polished to have a mirror-like shine. The downside of an illusion setting is that it is more difficult to clean and repair. If you buy a ring with an illusion setting, look for one with a clear stone to take advantage of the surrounding metal’s reflective properties.


Longer Diamond Shapes


When picking an engagement ring, opt for a diamond with a longer shape, such as a marquise, oval, pear, or emerald-shaped diamond. Such diamond shapes have a larger surface area than princess or round cut diamonds.


Diamond Clarity


If you have to choose between a small diamond with high clarity and a large, cloudy diamond, go with the small diamond because it will look larger from a distance. Although all gem-quality diamonds look clear at a glance, you can find flaws if you inspect them closely.


Keeping Your Diamond Clean


One of the best ways to make your diamond look larger is to keep it as clean as possible. Diamonds that have accumulated residue from soap, lotion, the skin’s natural oils, etc. don’t sparkle and tend to look smaller. Anytime you wash your hands, bathe, or cook, remove your jewelry to prevent it from getting dirty. Use a jewelry-cleaning machine or clean your ring with a soft brush on a regular basis to keep the diamond looking sparkly and beautiful.


Clusters of Diamonds


A cluster of diamonds can be set together and made to look like a single, large diamond from a distance. Square or triangular-shaped diamonds look particularly beautiful when they are set together. However, you have to be more careful with composite rings because the stones are prone to loosening.


You may be tempted to get a shallow cut diamond because it appears larger. However, shallow cut diamonds have less brilliance than diamonds with a more proportional cut. This is because the light that travels through a shallow cut diamond tends to go out the back rather than bounce off the sides of the stone and back into your vision. 


A large diamond isn’t necessarily better than a small diamond, but effectively showcasing a small diamond will allow you to make a more dramatic statement with your jewelry. Follow the above tips when selecting an engagement ring from a Cleveland jewelry store, so you can wear your small diamond proudly. If you’d like to see IMG Jewelers’ beautiful engagement ring collection, view our offerings online or visit our showroom! 












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