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How to Store Your Jewelry


Nothing is more exciting than pulling out a beautiful piece of jewelry for that special occasion. By following this tips on storing your jewelry, you can be sure that these pieces stay as stunning as the day you first saw them.


1. Clean after wearing.

This may seem counterintuitive, but jewelry can get dirty just like clothes can, so cleaning it properly is the first step toward proper storage. We suggest cleaning each piece with a 100% cotton cloth, or use mild soap and water. If you use water, be certain the jewelry is completely dry before storing it.


2. Choose the right jewelry box.

Not all jewelry boxes are created equal. Indeed, some of the jewelry boxes on the market should never be used for storing your precious gems. A quality jewelry box will have soft lining to prevent scratches, and multiple compartments for each piece to be stored properly.


One final consideration is security. You may want to have a jewelry box with a lock and key, if you have any concerns about your jewelry’s safety.


3. Prevent gold and silver from being tarnished and scratched. 

Tarnishing and scratching are the biggest enemies of gold and silver jewelry. It's essential to limit the amount of moisture in the air if you want to prevent your gold and silver from being tarnished. There are jewelry bags available that are treated with chemicals to reduce tarnish. To further absorb moisture and prevent tarnishing, you can put a moisture-absorbing material in your jewelry box, such as silica gel or charcoal. You can prevent your jewelry from getting scratched by storing the pieces of jewelry individually in cloth bags so that they don't scratch each other. 


4. Store diamonds and other gemstones in soft cloth pouches. 

In addition to being a girl’s best friend, a diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth. This means when stored improperly it can scratch your other gemstones, particularly rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Diamonds can also scratch silver, gold and platinum. In order to prevent this, you should keep it in a soft cloth pouch.


Some gemstones scratch easily, others crack, and a few can be damaged by temperature changes. Similar to diamonds, the first step is to store your gemstones in individual bags. Beyond that, you should also keep them in an area with relatively stable temperatures. While this goes a bit beyond storage, it is of note that certain porous gemstones like Emeralds can crack if they become too dry. An annual re-oiling of your gemstones, or more depending upon the dryness of your climate, can protect these gemstones.


5. Protect your pearls. 

Pearls are incredibly soft, so they are prone to being scratched by almost anything, including dust. For this reason, it is important to store your pearls in a soft cloth bag that doesn't contain dust or anything else that could scratch your pearls. It's important to restring your pearls on a regular basis, especially if you wear them and clean them often. 


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