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Ideas for Anniversary "MileStones"

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As your relationship grows and develops, you’ll have opportunities to look back at your time together and think about how far you’ve come; what’s changed, what’s stayed the same and most importantly, what you love about each other. There are lots of ways to celebrate these anniversaries, but few can top a beautiful gemstone lovingly set in a piece that both of you can always have with you. Your friends at IMG Jewelers are here with some “MileStone” ideas for your anniversary gifts.

First Year

A beautiful choice for first year celebrations is a combination of gold and peridot. Easily incorporated into jewelry for both men and women. Consider a pendant, or cufflinks, versatile pieces that can form the base for a future collection.

Five Years

Our suggestion for five years is the lovely deep pink of tourmaline, or deep shades of sapphire. The tourmaline is eye-catching and great for necklaces or earrings, while small sapphires ringing a simple band can make for a subtle but stylish statement of love.

Ten Years

At ten years, diamonds are the way to go. For the men, a two-tone stainless steel band with two or three stones is popular choice, while it is common for the ladies to mix diamonds and sapphires into a ring or bracelet.

Twenty Years

Platinum, emerald and yellow diamond are prime choices to celebrate twenty years, suggesting the wisdom and insight you have both gathered after your years together. Twentieth anniversary pieces are often more subtle, serving more as personal reminders of a relationship than an overt celebration.

Your team of jewelers at IMG jewelry is excited to help you celebrate your anniversaries in your own personal style. Browse our collections for more ideas, or contact us to find out about having your own custom designs brought to life.



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