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Jewelry Fashion Trends for Winter 2012

The seasons are changing and the weather is finally starting to get cooler. While this is an exciting time for those who love to bundle up, thick scarves and sweaters can undoubtedly get in the way of making a memorable fashion statement. That’s where jewelry comes in. Accessorizing with jewelry can transform an everyday outfit into a fashionable ensemble.


Jewelry completes the mood of your winter outfits, adding a finishing touch. Here are a few jewelry trends coming onto the scene in the winter of 2012 that you’ll likely see emerging at some jewelry stores in Ohio.




Pile on the jewelry this winter because layering is hot. Whether you want to combine high-contrast styles or partner similar jewelry, mixing and matching pieces to create brand new looks is all the rage. Some examples of the layering trend include letting different metals mingle; layering beaded bracelets, bangles, and links; and combining several delicate necklaces.


Face Jewelry


Although too extreme for most, face jewelry was seen at London Fashion Week. From sprayed gold lips to bejeweled eyebrows, this odd trend will probably stay on the runway and fail to make an appearance at fine jewelry stores in Cleveland.


Bright Colors


Bright colors haven’t departed along with summer wear. Colorful rubies, topazes, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines, and more are making a comeback. Gemstones in all shades of the rainbow add a hint of color to your winter outfits and allow you to express your cheery mood through your jewelry, so you can keep the winter blues at bay.




One of your grandma’s favorite accessories, the brooch has returned to the fashion world once again. Witnessed at the fall/winter 2012 catwalks, bejeweled brooches can be slipped into your hair, pinned on shawls, or used to emphasize collars and necklines.  Brooches can also be used to embellish handbags or hold scarves in place.


Statement Necklaces


Say goodbye to small, delicate jewelry and make room in your jewelry box for this winter’s bulkiest jewelry trend: the statement necklace! Statement necklaces are big, chunky, and bold necklaces that add glam and color to any outfit while beautifully framing your face.


Bold Earrings


If you love big earrings, you’ll be delighted because bold, shoulder-sweeping earrings are back in style. Oversized earrings add eye-catching appeal to any outfit and make a powerful fashion statement. Just avoid wearing bold earrings at the same time as a statement necklace, however, because they’ll end up fighting for attention.


Keep up with the hottest jewelry trends this winter by visiting IMG’s jewelry shop in Cleveland. From delicate to bold, we carry trendy and classic jewelry of all styles. We can also custom design a piece of jewelry to your exact specifications! Contact us today if you’d like to visit our showroom or to find out more about our services.



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