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Jewelry Symbols and Their Meanings

three stone diamond engagement ring

If you want to give someone a thoughtful gift from a Cleveland jewelry store, get symbolic jewelry with a deep meaning. If you’re buying jewelry for yourself, wear something that represents your values or commemorates an important life event. Different styles of jewelry convey unique messages.


Heart Jewelry


The most universally recognized symbol of love is the heart. The heart has long been considered representative of the human spirit, soul, and emotions. Friends could give heart jewelry to represent their friendship, while romantic partners can give heart jewelry as a gift to show their love.


Halo Jewelry


Halo jewelry consists of a center stone that is encircled by smaller stones. It is called a “halo” because the center stone looks like it has a halo. Halo jewelry consists of earrings or rings. While halo jewelry typically has a diamond as the center stone, all sorts of gemstones can be used, including ruby and sapphire.


Eternity Ring


An eternity ring consists of a band of precious metal with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones. Eternity rings are usually made with diamonds. They symbolize never-ending love and husbands often give them to their wives on their wedding or an important anniversary. However, the presence of stones all the way around a ring can make it uncomfortable to wear, so “half-eternity” rings that only have stones across the face of the ring are also available.


Journey Jewelry


Journey rings, pendants, and bracelets celebrate your life story. Journey jewelry consists of a series of diamonds or other gemstones that start out small and gradually get bigger. Journey jewelry is often given for engagements, anniversaries, or weddings because it symbolizes the progression of a romantic relationship and epitomizes how love grows stronger as two people stay in a relationship and their commitment deepens. Journey jewelry can also be given as a gift to commemorate a special event in someone’s life because it represents one’s path and journey. 


Three-Stone Ring


A three-stone ring represents the past, present, and future. The current trend with three-stone rings is to have a large stone in the middle and two smaller stones on the sides. This signifies that the past and future are important, but being with the person in the present is what matters most. Giving your romantic partner a three-stone ring is a great way to show your love and devotion. Three-stone diamond rings are commonly given as engagement or anniversary rings. 


Solitaire Ring


A solitaire ring has a single, sparkling gemstone, usually a diamond. Solitaire diamond rings are the ultimate symbol of betrothal and everlasting love. 




Colors are powerful because they provide emotion and feeling to jewelry. Colors determine the tone of your jewelry and evoke different responses. For example, jewelry with pink or red gemstones symbolizes love and passion, while jewelry with green gemstones symbolizes a new life, growth, and abundance. Blue jewelry symbolizes communication, loyalty, truth, and tranquility, while white jewelry represents purity, innocence, clarity, light, and truth.


Whether you’re browsing jewelry stores in Cleveland, Ohio to find special jewelry for yourself or a loved one, opt for a symbolic piece that has a deeper meaning. Visit IMG Jewelers’ showroom in Lyndhurst to find jewelry that makes a powerful statement! 



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