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Last-Minute Holiday Jewelry Gifts for Her

Christmas is just days away! Are you thinking about buying someone on your list a jewelry gift? If so, you’re not alone. For many men, jewelry is a common gift to fall back on because it’s impressive and heartwarming, especially if you make an effort to pick out a piece that captures her personality. Furthermore, jewelry is a gift that can last as long as a lifetime, unlike a box of chocolates or a bottle of perfume.


Men often procrastinate and wait till the last minute to buy their wives, girlfriends, mothers, and other important women in their lives jewelry. Fortunately, jewelry is fairly easy to shop for, unlike clothing, which carries a high potential for error. Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.  


Silver or Gold


In general, women either like white metals or yellow gold, but not both. Take a quick glance at her jewelry box. Does she have mostly platinum and silver pieces or yellow gold jewelry? Select a gift based on the contents of her jewelry box.

Traditional or Fashion-Forward


Is she a fashionista, or is her style traditional? If she is more Audrey Hepburn than Lady Gaga, stick with classic pieces, such as this eternity ring.  

diamond eternity ring

Another last-minute holiday jewelry gift you can get for a gal with a more classic sense of style is a pair of gemstone stud earrings, like these sapphire and diamond beauties.

sapphire and diamond stud earrings

If her wardrobe pushes the envelope, she’ll undoubtedly appreciate jewelry with a more edgy look, such as this attention-getting cocktail ring.

emerald cocktail ring

Or how about this fun, quirky Y-shaped necklace?

Y-shaped necklace



Does she like to wear yellow, red, or blue and green? The colors that dominate her wardrobe are the likely ones that she will favor the most in jewelry. For example, if she likes blue, she would probably adore this sapphire bracelet.

sapphire and diamond bracelet

If you want to get her something that has personal significance, consider buying her birthstone jewelry. For example, if her birthday is in July, you can get her these ruby earrings. This fiery birthstone symbolizes beauty, charity, happiness, love, and passion.

ruby and diamond earrings

Something Sexy


If you’re buying a jewelry gift for your significant other, consider getting her dramatic, dangle earrings that are appropriate in the daytime or for a romantic night out on the town. Long dangle earrings look particularly elegant with short hair or an up-do.

diamond dangle earrings

Just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean that it’s not the right moment! At IMG Jewelers in Northeast Ohio, we offer a diverse jewelry selection. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right holiday jewelry gift for her, no matter how little time you have left to shop. We’re having a promotion right now, so you can save anywhere from 25-100% on your purchase! Visit our store for more information about our holiday promotion and to view our collection. 



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