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New Year, New Look: Ideas for Remounting Jewelry

remounted jewelry

Do you have any jewelry that you don’t wear anymore? Whether you’ve inherited or received a piece of jewelry that just isn’t your style, or you’d like to keep your jewelry’s appearance up-to-date, remounting breathes new life into diamonds and other gemstones. Remounting can transform old, outdated jewelry into fashionable pieces that you’ll love to wear.


Remounting typically costs a fraction of what it costs to buy new jewelry since gemstones make up the lion’s share of the expense of fine jewelry. Some people sell their unwanted jewelry, but this may not be an option for you if your jewelry has sentimental value. Furthermore, the resale price of jewelry is significantly lower than the price paid for it, so remounting your jewelry is far more cost-effective in the end. The metal from old jewelry you don’t wear can also be melted down to make new jewelry.


Tips for Giving Old Jewelry a Fresh, New Appearance with Remounting


The possibilities are limitless. You can refurbish the setting of a ring, change a ring into a pendant, merge two rings into one, incorporate the diamond from a late relative’s engagement ring into your engagement ring, and so much more. After a divorce, some women don’t want to get rid of the diamonds from their wedding bands or engagement rings, so they incorporate them into new pendants or rings with a completely different look. You may also choose to remount worn out jewelry to save the original piece.


Any piece of jewelry lingering in your jewelry box that never sees the light of day should be considered for remounting. Here are some ideas for remounting jewelry:


  • -Combine diamonds with colored gemstones, like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds
  • -Place a damaged gemstone into a setting that hides the problem area
  • -Place gemstones into a white gold or platinum setting instead of a yellow gold setting
  • -Reset a solitaire gemstone and place diamonds on each side of it
  • -Change the setting of a ring – some setting options include the prong setting, invisible setting, bezel setting, channel setting, cluster setting, and flush setting


Deciding Whether or Not to Remount Heirloom Jewelry


A common reason for remounting jewelry is that people want to update the look of a family heirloom while keeping the sentimental value of the jewelry intact. If your jewelry has been passed down for several generations, you may be reluctant to remount it because taking it out of its original setting may make you feel as if you’re breaking a tradition. The best way to determine whether or not you’d really feel comfortable remounting heirloom jewelry is by talking to a Cleveland jeweler that specializes in remounting to see if they understand what you’re looking for. Ask to see examples of jewelry they’ve remounted in the past and for references from previous clients.


IMG’s expert jewelers in Cleveland, Ohio have over 100 years of combined experience and boast the skills and creativity needed to transform your old jewelry into dazzling new pieces. We’re overflowing with inspiration and are eager to hear your ideas, so we can combine our creative forces. We have a full-service, state-of-the-art repair shop right on site, so you can rest assured that your cherished jewelry will be in safe hands. Visit our jewelry shop in Cleveland to learn more about our jewelry remounting services



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