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Learn about the Four Cs of Diamonds

If you’ve never shopped for a diamond before, there are a few things you need to know before getting started. We’ve compiled a quick list of what to look for. Learn about the four Cs of diamonds below: Carat: The carat is the weight of the diamond.Clarity: Inclusions, or flaws in the diamond, affect the clarity.Color: Most people are interested in colorless diamonds, but the color is ...
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5 Popular Diamond Shapes Made Easy

Selecting a diamond for an engagement ring can feel very overwhelming.  With all the different cuts and qualities, how does one choose?  Here’s a simple guide to defining the top diamond shapes: ·         Round:  Probably the most popular shape and provides excellent reflection of light.·        ...
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3 Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

 Finding the right ring to pop the question Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments of a couple’s life. The ring can say a lot about the person who wears it but what thoughts should go into purchasing such a life changing piece of jewelry? Here are a few tips to consider when shopping for an engagement ring.Style Is your future fiancée’ simple? Or do they love extravagant things? ...
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Find Your Perfect LGBTQ Wedding Ring

Shopping for a ring that you will wear for the rest of your life is a major decision and can be totally overwhelming.  Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring  for when you pop the BIG question, or you and your fiancé are shopping together for wedding rings, you want a ring that is not only beautiful but also comes from a jewelry store that treats you with the dignity and ...
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2016 Engagement Ring Trends

CHOOSING THE RIGHT RING FOR YOUR SWEETHEARTThere are plenty of rings to choose from out there, here’s a guide to a few settings that are trending this year: Rose GoldRose Gold settings are not only extremely flattering for every skin tone they also provide a classic and feminine look. They have the perfect mix of tradition and fun, plus what girl doesn’t love pink and gold. Get ...
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The Summer’s Hottest Jewelry Trends

  The summer is heating up, and with it so are the latest jewelry trends. We’ve looked all over the runways to bring you to most relevant and beautiful trends, you’ll be sure to love them – we sure do.   It’s all about the cuff.   Arm cuffs and ear cuffs are all the rage this summer. Wear arm cuffs on your wrists for a more traditional look, or move them up towards your...
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5 Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

 Father’s Day will be here before we know it – have you gotten your dad a gift yet?   Instead of scrambling for a last minute gift, save yourself some stress and check out this list. We’ve put together five awesome gifts for every type of dad – we’re sure yours will be on there!   For the Outdoorsy, Do-It-Yourself Dad   If your dad is a handyman, enjoys the great ...
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Creative Bride and Groom’s Party Gifts

You’re tying the knot – congratulations! Now that you’ve selected your life partner, you’ve most likely selected your bridesmaids or groomsmen as well, or at least have an idea of who they’ll be. It’s customary to give your chosen few a nice gift for being part of your nuptials, but deciding on just what that gift should be can be hard. We’ve collected some of the most popular gifts...
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5 Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Be Sure to Love

 Mother’s Day is quickly approaching – have you gotten your mom the perfect gift yet?   If you’re still scrambling to find something your mom will really love, we’ve put together five items sure to please a variety of different tastes. There’s something for every budget, so nobody will be left out.   Here are five awesome gifts you can give your mother this Mother’s Day...
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Your Jewelry Style Based on Your Zodiac Sign

  It’s not uncommon knowledge that Zodiac signs have been incredibly popular, not just lately, but throughout time. They’re told to influence our personalities and our tastes, and some live their life ruled by their sign.   While each sign is unique, so are their tastes in jewelry. We’ve studied each sign, their preferences, and what works best with them and have found the ...
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