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Debunking Diamond Myths: Diamond Fluorescence

Do you know what fluorescence in a diamond is? The odds are good you do not.  However, you may be under the impression that fluorescence is bad… without even knowing what it truly means!   It is true, that in some diamonds, fluorescence can make a stone appear dull or “milky”. However, more often, it  makes a diamond appear even whiter! In fact, in study conducted by the GIA ...
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Remounting Diamonds

Diamond remounting is an excellent way to “re-purpose” or “re-use” a diamond for a new piece of jewelry.  Because a diamond, well-cared-for, never shows its age, remounting a perfectly good diamond from an old piece of jewelry is more common than you probably think! Whether the diamond that is being remounted is from a ring passed down from your mother or grandmother, or is one of ...
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IMG Jewelers Recognized by CBS Cleveland Article

August 7, 2012. Cleveland, Ohio. IMG Jewelers was one of five Cleveland area fine jewelry stores named for having superior designs and allowing customers the ability to create their custom jewelry. The August 7th publication (located at indicated IMG’s inclusion on this list because of their creativity, their ability...
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How to Find a Reputable Jeweler in Northeast Ohio

So, you’re ready to get engaged, or wish to buy a very special piece of jewelry to mark an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion? Congratulations! Now that you have committed yourself to buying a piece of fine diamond jewelry, the very next thing you will need to do is find a reputable jewelry store in the Cleveland area to help guide you through your purchase, and make the buying ...
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The Top Four Reasons To Buy From A Local Cleveland Area Jeweler

There is no denying it: The internet is a fabulous place to purchase many retail items such as clothing, car parts, or even cell phones.  However, the internet is NEVER the place you should be purchasing for your diamond engagement ring, your wedding bands, or even trade in your “outdated” jewelry to upgrade to newer pieces.   Why not purchase my jewelry online? While IMG’s ...
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Choosing a Jeweler in Northeast Ohio

With the plethora of fine jewelry stores located in Cleveland and its suburbs, you might be wondering how to find the best jewelry store for purchasing your diamond engagement ring, your wedding bands, or a special anniversary, birthday, or “just because” gift.  While at first glance, all jewelry stores may seem the same, there are differences… ones which truly make all the difference...
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Get Educated About Diamonds

All diamonds are gorgeous. They are all  sparkly, and shiny, and beautiful in their own way.  Because of this, customers may not believe they need to know much about the precious gem before buying them. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the more you know about diamonds, we believe that the better your diamond-buying experience will be!  At IMG, our philosophy is to ...
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