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Planning a Romantic Holiday Proposal


So you’ve decided to pop the question. Congratulations! You’ve got the ring, now the question is – how do you propose? Well, have you ever considered a holiday proposal?


The holidays are already a joyous time filled with friends and family, so why not make it even more joyous with your declaration of love for your significant other? If you’re keen on the idea of a holiday proposal, we’ve curated some of the best and romantic ways you can ask the big question.


Build A Snowman


Get festive and playful with your proposal by building a snowman. You can build it alone and surprise your future fiancé, or build it together. If you’re building it together, sneakily tie the ring on one of the arms or the nose, get your significant other’s attention, and get down on one knee. The rest is up to you!


If you choose to build it beforehand, consider adding in some flowers or a romantic sign. You could even prop up a tray between the snowman’s arms and have the ring resting on it alongside flowers and champagne. Your love will surely be surprised!


Spell It Out In Lights


If you feel like getting a little hands-on, try spelling out your proposal with Christmas lights. You could string them up outside of your home and surprise them upon their arrival. If you’re more of a ‘I’ll appreciate others’ lights but won’t hang my own’ kind of type, consider enlisting the help of your local Christmas light show or attraction. Have the workers spell out your message, and when you reach the location slowly get down on one knee. You’ll watch their face fill with joy and surprise!


Have A Romantic Night In


Sometimes, a personal, just-the-two-of-you proposal is what will work best for your particular tastes. If this is the case, plan a romantic night in filled with good foods like cheese and caviar, desserts, and delicious wine or champagne. Pop in a movie and snuggle up, and when the time is right, you’ll know what to do.


Slip The Ring Into Champagne


A classic – yet romantic ­– proposal will involve a nice dinner and assistance from the wait staff. Ask the waiter to slip the ring into the champagne glass when they bring them to the table. As they begin pouring the champagne, your beautiful engagement ring will draw your significant other’s attention.


If you want, you can keep it private, just at the table – or if you’re more of a showman, get down on one knee in front of the entire restaurant and truly make your proposal something special.


Orchestrate a New Year’s Eve Proposal


This New Year’s Eve, enlist the help of friends, family, and strangers. Inform them (out of earshot of your significant other, of course), of your plan while you’re out celebrating, and ask if they’d be a willing participant. As the ball is dropping and everyone is counting down, get down on one knee. Once the clock strikes midnight, have the room fall silent and pop the question. It will truly be a New Year worth remembering!


If you’re not sure how to propose this holiday season, take inspiration from one of these memorable and romantic proposal ideas. If you use any of these holiday proposal ideas, we would love to hear about them. Leave any stories in the comments!


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