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Remounting Diamonds

Diamond remounting is an excellent way to “re-purpose” or “re-use” a diamond for a new piece of jewelry.  Because a diamond, well-cared-for, never shows its age, remounting a perfectly good diamond from an old piece of jewelry is more common than you probably think!

Whether the diamond that is being remounted is from a ring passed down from your mother or grandmother, or is one of your own pieces that you wish to update, an expert jeweler can have your diamond placed in a variety of different settings to suite your personal style, or can even custom-design a brand new setting for your gem or gems.


Why would someone consider diamond remounting?
There are a variety of reasons to consider remounting your diamonds.  Some of the more popular reasons to consider having your diamonds remounted into a stunning new piece of fine jewelry include:


Preservation or repair.
It is not unheard of for a setting to show signs of wear and tear. Such a worn setting may cause a prong to break, or even a diamond to be lost if not repaired or remounted.


Often, diamonds that IMG Jewelers remounts are from rings passed down from generation-to-generation, or rings that have been locked in the jewelry box for sometime because they are too fragile or worn to actually wear without fear of loosing precious stones. Diamond remounting can bring a fragile or worn ring back to life, and make it wearable and durable once again.


Update your look.
Just as a ring might be showing wear and tear through the years, it might also simply be that it is showing its age!  While many people like to preserve the style of their original ring, whether it be antique, vintage, classic, or contemporary, many others wish to update their look completely.  Just as one might change their hair style or clothing, diamonds can be remounted to reflect one’s current age, the current fashion trends, or their personal style which they have discovered over time.  It could simply be that once appealed to someone aesthetically, no longer does; or, perhaps they have simply grown tired of wearing the same piece.

Whatever your reasons for considering remounting might be, it is important to have such work done by a reputable, trustworthy, and professional jeweler. At IMG Jewelers in Lyndhurst, Ohio, we will work with you to find the best remounting options for your diamonds, and help guide you through the myriad of options available, including your metal choices and ring styles.



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