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Ring Resizing: How It's Done


You’ve found the perfect ring – almost. It’s a tad too big, and sits loosely on your finger. What can you do? Live with a ring that may fall off, or pass up the purchase and live with regret?


Worry not! Your ring can be resized and fit your finger so wonderfully well that it will seem it was made just for you in the first place.


So how are rings resized? It’s generally pretty simple. Rings can be sized up or sized down, depending on your needs. Typically, rings can only be sized up two sizes larger, otherwise too much stress can be created and cause the ring to break or warp.


Unfortunately, altering a ring to fit your finger will cause a weak spot. No matter if you’re sizing up or down, cutting into the ring will weaken its original integrity. This usually won’t present a problem if done properly, so always make sure your jeweler is experienced and has done sizing before.


There are two ways that rings can be sized larger, by stretching and adding in a bridge. Stretching isn’t typically the best technique. The band of your ring is actually being stretched apart – which results in the band thinning out and weakening and could present structural problems.


Adding in a bridge is the most recommended technique for increasing your ring’s size. Your ring will be cut in the back of the band, and spread apart slightly to become the appropriate size. A piece of metal will then be inserted into the gap, and will be soldered to either end of the exposed band. This helps to preserve the original thickness of the ring and helps to avoid structural damage. This area will then be smoothed and filed out so that it blends nicely with the original metal of the band.


When sizing a ring down, it’s similar to the bridge method – just sans bridge. The band will be cut and a section of the band will be removed to make it the appropriate size. It will be soldered back together and smoothed out.


There are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering getting your ring resized. If your ring has intricate detailing along the band or has stones, it may not be able to be resized without being ruined. There are also certain metal types that can’t be resized. Consult with your jeweler and they’ll be able to tell you whether they think they can accomplish the job without damaging your ring.



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