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Selecting Jewelry for Your Wedding Day


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One of the most important things that you’ll choose to wear on your wedding day besides your wedding dress is jewelry. An important rule of thumb to follow when selecting jewelry for your wedding day is not overdoing it. It might be tempting to load on the bling on such a special day, but you don’t want your jewelry to outshine you at your wedding. Your jewelry will be present in every wedding photo and complete your wedding-day look, so it’s important to search for the right accessories. Below are some tips to help you choose the best jewelry for the big day.



Start Looking for Wedding Jewelry Early


Start shopping for wedding jewelry at least three months before your wedding to ensure that you have plenty of time to find the right accessories. Before you begin your search, there are many factors you ought to consider, including setting a spending limit. You should also be thinking about the main parts of your bridal ensemble and what types of accessories would accent them best. For example, if the headpiece of your wedding dress is elaborate, use simple and delicate earrings. Choosing the right necklace and earrings for the neckline of your dress is also important.


Pair Your Neckline with the Right Adornment


Depending on the neckline of your wedding dress, you may or may not need a necklace. Strapless dresses look great with chokers and pendant necklaces are ideal for V-necks. Something as simple as a thin chain with a pendant would elegantly accessorize a V-neck wedding dress. If your wedding dress has a high neckline, you can skip the necklace and opt for bold earrings instead, such as chandelier earrings.


Match Metals to Your Dress Color


If you wear a white gown, avoid gold jewelry because it can clash. White wedding dresses look best with platinum or white gold jewelry. Pearls also go well with white wedding dresses. Barely off-white wedding dresses look great with yellow gold, silver, or rose gold. Yellow gold jewelry would beautifully complement an ivory gown with yellow undertones. Your wedding jewelry should also complement your engagement and wedding rings – the metals shouldn’t clash.


Find Your Style


Your wedding day isn’t the best to try to test out a new trend. Select tried and true jewelry that expresses your personal style. If you’re a fashion-forward, modern bride, select a bold, eye-catching statement piece. Adding some color to your wedding jewelry is also recommended, especially if you’re going to get married in an exotic setting, such as the beach. If you prefer a classic, traditional bridal look, you can’t go wrong with a pair of teardrop earrings, a delicate bangle, and a simple pendant. Just avoid wearing bracelets that have sharp points, such as a diamond tennis bracelet, because it can snag on the delicate fabric of your wedding dress.


The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing wedding jewelry is that you should be yourself. Select pieces that reflect your style and personality. Don’t wear jewelry that you aren’t 100% comfortable with. If you love the way you look in your jewelry and feel really comfortable wearing it, you’re guaranteed to shine.


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