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Should You Choose the Engagement Ring Before or After the Proposal?

You’ve decided you want to pop the question. Congratulations! Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a beautiful thing, and only great things are to come.


Along with those great things, though, can be some things of stress. Do you choose the ring for your significant other and hope they love it? Do you let them pick out the ring before or after the proposal to ensure they love it? There are many options and scenarios at play, and we’ll discuss some of those down below.


Firstly, you need to evaluate the likeliness that your significant other would enjoy a traditional surprise proposal – including your selection of the perfect ring. If you’ve discussed proposals with your partner and know they have their heart set on a traditional proposal, you should have the ring in hand. If you’re not quite sure what they’d love most, bring along a family member or friend of your soon-to-be fiancé and put your heads together to select the perfect ring.


If you and any helpers you bring along have absolutely no idea what kind of engagement ring to select, you can always use a temporary ring. Just keep in mind that sentimental value is often associated with the ring involved in the proposal, and trading it in can be an emotional experience. Another option is to take a look at your significant other’s current jewelry and make a mental note of the styles they seem to enjoy. Relay this information onto your jeweler and they’ll be able to help you select a beautiful ring.


You can also take your significant other hypothetical ring shopping. You can be up front and tell them you’d like to have an idea of what they’d like in case you ever pop the question, or be sly and say you’re purchasing a ring for your mother, sister, or another close relative and ask for their assistance. Make mental notes of the styles they point out and say they enjoy.


If a traditional proposal doesn’t fit you or your potential spouse’s style, consider allowing them to pick out their own ring. They can select it before or after the proposal – whatever works best for the two of you. This works especially well if your future fiancé is very particular, or if you don’t want to risk purchasing a ring they won’t fall in love with.


You and your significant other may decide to forego the proposal altogether and simply decide to get married. If an engagement ring is still desired, make it a memorable experience and go together to select the ring. You can even select your wedding bands at the same time and knock out two birds with one stone.


Ultimately, the decision of whether to purchase the ring before or after the proposal is up to you. You know your significant other as well as you know yourself, so trust your gut. At the end of the day, it will be a joyous, memorable moment – no matter whether you select the ring beforehand or let them select one afterwards.



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