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The Summer’s Hottest Jewelry Trends



The summer is heating up, and with it so are the latest jewelry trends. We’ve looked all over the runways to bring you to most relevant and beautiful trends, you’ll be sure to love them – we sure do.


It’s all about the cuff.


Arm cuffs and ear cuffs are all the rage this summer. Wear arm cuffs on your wrists for a more traditional look, or move them up towards your bicep for something a little more interesting. Dainty, delicate cuffs go with nearly everything, while thicker, bolder cuffs make a statement and can carry themselves on their own.


Ear cuffs are a great way to make it look like you have multiple ear piercings without having to go anywhere near a needle. You can wear multiple cuffs to have a multi-pierced edgy look, wear a large cuff for a bold look, or wear a single, dainty cuff for a more feminine look.


Rose gold hues are in.


Warm and feminine rose gold is the perfect metal tone for summer. Don’t worry if you don’t have many rose gold pieces, accent them with the silver and yellow gold pieces you already have in your collection for a mismatched, carefree look.


Rock a midi ring.


Midi rings are a great way to add more dimension to your look. They help elongate the look of your fingers, and add in a playful twist when paired with regularly fitted or other midi rings. Stack up multiple rings for a layered look, or wear a single ring for a simpler, modern look.


Layer up with body chains.


Body chains are a great way to add in a jewelry element to your look, yet not feel encumbered by bracelets or rings. They’re often dainty and lightweight so you hardly notice they’re there. They work wonderfully with simple tops, and help to add an interesting focal point to your outfit.


Go natural with raw stones.


Having raw stones and gems in your jewelry is a great way to add in a more natural vibe to your jewelry look. The raw elements are very bohemian, yet still have a touch of modernity. You can’t go wrong with a bold statement piece like a necklace, or something small and understated like a ring.


Be bold with a tiara.


For those a bit bolder and who enjoy a bit of fun in their wardrobe, tiaras have been popping up all over the runways. From abstracted statement pieces to more traditional fare, wearing a tiara this season will be sure to make you feel like the princess you are.


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